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Giving Hope: How Zakat Can Help Rebuild Lives After Floods

Giving Hope: How Zakat Can Help Rebuild Lives After Floods

Giving Hope: How Zakat Can Help Rebuild Lives After Floods

Giving Hope: How Zakat Can Help Rebuild Lives After Floods

In times of crisis, hope can be hard to come by. However, small acts of kindness can go a long way in helping those who have been affected by disasters. One such act is using zakat donation, a form of Islamic charity, to support flood victims. In this blog, we will discuss the efforts of an NGO called Hands, which is dedicated to providing relief to those in need.


Hands have been active in Pakistan for over two decades, working to alleviate poverty and provide aid in times of crisis. Recently, the organization has focused on providing flood rehabilitation, for those who have been disproportionately affected by climate change. Through their zakat program, Hands has been able to provide essential supplies, such as food, water, and shelter, to those who have lost everything in the floods.


By using zakat donations to support flood victims, Hands cannot only provide immediate relief but also give hope to those who have been affected. With the help of donations, this organization can continue to make a difference in the lives of those in need.


The Rewards of Giving Zakat: Benefits Beyond the Material


While the material benefits of giving zakat are clear in terms of providing aid and support for flood rehabilitation efforts, there are also spiritual rewards that come with the act of giving. Zakat donations not only help those in need but also have benefits for the giver, such as purifying their wealth and increasing their sense of gratitude and empathy. Additionally, giving zakat can create a sense of community and connection with others who share the same values of generosity and compassion. By recognizing the rewards of giving zakat, we can encourage more people to support organizations like Hands and make a difference in the lives of those affected by floods.


The Importance of Zakat in Building a community for flood affectees


Zakat donations can play a vital role in building a community for flood affectees, especially in terms of rebuilding flood houses and creating flood-resilient housing. When individuals and organizations come together to give zakat donations, they can help provide the necessary resources and support to build homes that can withstand future floods. This not only helps individual families but also contributes to the overall resilience of the community. Additionally, the act of giving zakat can help build a sense of solidarity and shared responsibility within the community, creating a stronger bond and greater capacity for collective action. By recognizing the importance of zakat in building flood-resilient communities, we can support organizations like Hands in their efforts to create lasting change.


Joining Hands with Hands for Flood Relief through Zakat: An Initiative to Help Those in Need


Joining Hands with Hands for Flood Relief through Zakat is an initiative that can make a real difference in the lives of those affected by floods. By giving zakat donations to organizations like Hands, we can help provide essential resources for flood rehabilitation efforts, such as food, shelter, and rebuilding flood houses. This not only helps those in need but also contributes to building stronger, more resilient communities. By working together to give zakat, we can create a sense of shared responsibility and collective action that can have a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by floods. Join Hands with Hands today and make a difference!




  1. How much of Pakistan was affected by the floods in 2022?

According to the United Nations, the floods that hit Pakistan in 2022 affected a significant portion of the population, with around 33 million people – equivalent to one in seven Pakistanis – impacted by the disaster. The floods caused extensive damage, destroying or damaging over 500,000 houses and sweeping away 700,000 heads of livestock. Additionally, the floods caused significant damage to agricultural land, affecting more than 3.6 million acres of crops, including cotton, wheat, and fruits and vegetables. The scale of the disaster highlights the urgent need for flood relief efforts, including providing shelter, food, and other essential supplies to those affected.


  1. Where can I send my Zakat donations online in Pakistan?

Several reputable organizations in Pakistan accept Zakat donations online. One such organization is Hands, the NGO mentioned in this blog. Their website has a specific section for Zakat donations where you can make your contribution securely online. Other organizations that accept Zakat donations in Pakistan include Edhi Foundation, Al-Khidmat Foundation, and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. You can visit the websites of these organizations to donate, and they typically provide details on how your Zakat donations will be used for flood relief efforts and other humanitarian causes. It’s important to research and choose a reputable organization to ensure your Zakat donations are being used effectively and efficiently.




The devastating impact of floods can be mitigated through the power of Zakat donations. By supporting reputable organizations like Hands and other NGOs in Pakistan, we can provide much-needed aid to those affected by floods, from food and shelter to the rebuilding of homes and communities. In addition to the tangible benefits of Zakat donations, there are also spiritual rewards that come with giving, including the purification of wealth and a stronger sense of community and compassion. With millions of Pakistanis affected by floods, every Zakat donation can make a difference in helping rebuild lives and giving hope to those in need.

Reaping the Rewards of Compassion: Understanding  Zakat and Zakat Donations at HANDS

Reaping the Rewards of Compassion: Understanding Zakat and Zakat Donations at HANDS

Reaping the Rewards of Compassion: Understanding  Zakat and Zakat Donations at HANDS

Reaping the Rewards of Compassion: Understanding Zakat and Zakat Donations at HANDS


Zakat is an integral part of the Islamic faith and is considered one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a form of charity and is obligatory for every Muslim to pay it as a form of religious expression and social responsibility.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how the support of zakat donations helps HANDS benefit the part of society that is in desperate need of help and financial assistance. We’ll also discuss the various benefits of donating Zakat to those in need.

Introduction to HANDS-nonprofit Organization

HANDS is one of Pakistan’s top non-profit groups, working to advance infrastructure development, social institutions for community empowerment, poverty alleviation, education promotion, and health improvement.

The mission HANDS works with in mind is to give the poor more authority. Thirteen volunteer board members, 10,000 employees, and thousands of community volunteers from more than 6,300 partner organizations make up HANDS’ strength dedicatedly working to providing relief and development services to the ones in need.
With the help of donations and zakat from the Pakistani community and compassionate fellows from outside of Pakistan we work for the betterment of the part of society in dire need of financial assistance.

What is Zakat and its importance?

Zakat is an Arabic word that means “purification”. It is a form of charity that is obligatory for every Muslim to pay as a form of religious expression and social responsibility. It is a mandatory religious obligation that is required from all Muslims who possess wealth above a certain amount.

The purpose of Zakat is to purify one’s wealth and make sure it is used in the right way; to help those who are in need. It is an act of worship and an act of obedience to Allah (SWT). It is a way of sharing the wealth and resources among the poor and needy, and of supporting those who are less fortunate.

By giving Zakat, a person is reminded of their blessings and is encouraged to be generous and charitable towards others.
Zakat Donation in Pakistan

Zakat is a mandatory religious obligation in Pakistan, and it is required from all Muslims who possess wealth above a certain amount. The amount prescribed by Islamic law is usually 2.5% of the total wealth, and it must be paid annually.

In Pakistan, Zakat is collected and distributed by the government through various government-run Zakat organizations. These organizations collect Zakat from those who can pay and then distribute the funds to those in need.

HANDS also provides a platform for people to donate Zakat to those in need. The organization works in partnership with communities, and organizations to bring lasting, positive change to the lives of communities in need of positivity and change.

How to Make Zakat Donations at HANDS?

HANDS provides a platform for people to donate Zakat and other forms of donation from anywhere. Here are a few ways you can make Zakat donations at HANDS:

Doorstep Collection: Prepare your Zakat donation in cash, cheque, or bank draft and call on the number provided, and a volunteer from HANDS will collect it from your doorstep.

Donate via Mobile Apps: by following a few easy steps you can make your zakat donations reach HANDS safely through mobile apps. HANDS is connected to mobile apps that include Easy Paisa, JazzCash, Upaisa, Bank Islami, HBL, Meezan, and Habib Metro from where you can easily get your zakat donations to reach HANDS.

Bank Transfer: with the account title Health And Nutrition Development Society (HANDS), HANDS is accepting zakat donations straight to bank accounts in HBL, MCB, and Bank Islamic.

International Donation: HANDS is a partner of I-Care Fund America Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the USA. I-Care will provide receipts that can be used to claim tax exemption from the IRS in the USA. Through this platform, HANDS can receive international Zakat donations as well.


Zakat is an integral part of the Islamic faith and is considered one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a form of charity and is obligatory for every Muslim to pay it as a form of religious expression and social responsibility.
By supporting HANDS-nonprofit organization, you are not only fulfilling your responsibility as a Muslim but also helping to spread awareness about Zakat, its importance, and how Zakat donations can help communities towards betterment.
So, if you are looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of those in need, consider making your Zakat donations reach HANDS. Your support will help to bring lasting change and a positive impact on communities in need and on the whole the society.





Zakat is an essential religious obligation for Muslims and is considered one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a form of charitable giving that involves donating a percentage of one’s wealth to help those in need. With the rise of digital technology, it has become easier than ever to pay Zakat online. One such organization that has made this process simple and secure is trustworthy HANDS. 

What is Zakat? Why is it Important?

Zakat is a mandatory obligation for Muslims, and it is considered an act of worship that purifies one’s wealth and soul. It is a form of charity that involves donating 2.5% of one’s wealth to help those in need. Zakat is an act of solidarity that brings the community together and helps those who are less fortunate. It is not just a financial obligation but a spiritual and moral one as well.

The Benefits of Making Zakat Donations Online

Paying Zakat online has many benefits. Firstly, it is a convenient and hassle-free way to fulfill this religious obligation. With just a few clicks, you can donate to HANDS and help those in need. Secondly, online Zakat donations are secure and safe. Platforms like HANDS use the latest encryption technology to ensure that your personal and financial information is protected. Thirdly, online donations provide transparency and accountability. With online platforms, you can track your donations, see how your money is being used and receive regular updates.

Common Misconceptions About Zakat and Online Donations

There are several misconceptions about paying Zakat online. One of the most common is that online donations are not secure. However, with HANDS, online donations are safe and secure. Another misconception is that Zakat can only be given in cash. This is not true as you can donate assets like stocks, property, and jewelry as well. It is also a misconception that Zakat can only be given during the month of Ramadan. In reality, Zakat can be given at any time of the year.

How to Find a Trustworthy Online Zakat Donation Platform in Pakistan?

When it comes to making online Zakat donations, it is essential to find a trustworthy platform like HANDS. Here are some tips on how to find a reliable online Zakat donation platform in Pakistan:

  1. Check for accreditation and certification. Look for organizations that are accredited by recognized institutions and have the necessary certifications.
  2. Look for transparency and accountability. The platform should provide regular updates on how donations are being used and should be transparent about their financial records.
  3. Read reviews and testimonials. Look for reviews from previous donors and testimonials from people who have used the platform.
  4. Check for a secure payment system. The platform should use the latest encryption technology to ensure that your personal and financial information is protected.


  1. Can I make Zakat donations online?

Yes, you can make Zakat donations online. With platforms like HANDS, you can fulfill your religious obligation easily and securely.

  1. Is it easy to pay Zakat online to HANDS?

Yes, paying Zakat online to HANDS is very easy as you can donate via their website or mobile app and choose from various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile wallets.


Making Zakat donations is an essential religious obligation for Muslims, and online platforms like HANDS have made sure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to become an observing Muslim and fulfill your religious duty with peace of mind. Remember to look for a trustworthy platform when making online donations and to be aware of common misconceptions about Zakat. 


Pay Zakat Online With Hands-Contribute to the Wellness of People

Pay Zakat Online With Hands-Contribute to the Wellness of People

Pay Zakat Online With Hands-Contribute to the Wellness of People

Pay Zakat Online With Hands-Contribute to the Wellness of People

The Spirit of Zakat: Understanding the Importance of Donating to Those in Need

Zakat, a significant pillar of Islam, is the most important aspect contributing to people’s wellness. Zakat is an obligation on those that are eligible to pay it and is an unavoidable part of our lives. 

Zakat donations are meant to help those in need and create harmony in society. Serving society is our responsibility and helping the poor, the ones in need is an act of kindness. This activity is aimed at cleansing one’s heart and soul, creating a sense of respect among people.

Zakat charity in Pakistan has been made convenient by Hands, providing an online option for payment. With this digital method of payment, the entire procedure has been made the easiest for people who struggle to find an appropriate place to pay their zakat.

The Benefits of Zakat Donations 

Zakat donations make an observed difference. The societies that follow the habit of paying zakat to observe a magnificent change in their surroundings. The benefits of zakat are enormous to be confined to a few points, however, a glimpse of zakat benefits is shown below:

  • Zakat charity makes you a humble person and reflects the beauty of your soul.
  • By paying zakat you can help the ones in need, and avail the opportunity of getting mentioned in someone’s prayers.
  • Whatever amount you give in charity comes back to you getting multiplied by 10. So it’s a beneficial act for oneself as well.
  • Zakat creates harmony in society and develops a sense of brotherhood with each other.

Hands is a trusted organization at your service to encourage you for charity by providing you with the opportunities to pay zakat online. With this opportunity, the procedure of zakat charity in Pakistan has been made extremely easy. 

Making a Difference: How Your Contribution Can Help Change Lives

Your contribution holds the power of changing and saving many precautionary lives. With zakat donations, some get able to eat well, get medical help if needed, or do any other activity that needs to be done. People need your attention to them, ensuring that you ate accessible to them for their help no matter whatever the situation or the circumstances are.

The opportunity to pay zakat online has been brought to the people of Pakistan by Hands. The prestigious act of zakat charity needs to be promoted at every level to make sure that a maximum number of people engage in it and contribute to the betterment of society.

How can Hands be of assistance in paying Zakat online?

Hands have made zakat donations very convenient by introducing a way to pay zakat online. This is done to encourage the maximum number of people to charity by providing them with a trustable organization and an efficient medium of donation. By this step, a large number of people have engaged in the activity of donations and are contributing to the help of those in need by every means.

Because of Hands, the zakat donations in Pakistan have raised to a high level. People are recognizing the importance of charity and are participating in it with their hearts and souls. This is a great step toward the creation of a well-bonded community.


  1. What is Zakat?

Zakat is an Islamic term associated with financial activity. It is one of the pillars of Islam and is a great contribution to the overall society. Zakat is 2.5% of the amount of a person’s total savings that he has to donate to the poor. Mostly, people do zakat donations during the month of Ramadan. 

  1. Who is eligible to pay Zakat?

A Muslim that is an adult is sane, and has the minimum required savings (Nisab) for a complete lunar year is obliged to pay 2.5% of it as Zakat.


A society is made when everyone is willing to contribute to its development at all levels.  A significant element in building up a community is charity. Zakat is an obligatory pillar of Islam and requires to be paid every year. An adult Muslim that has the minimum threshold of required savings for over a year is eligible to pay zakat.

Hands are a trustable organization that has made the entire process extremely convenient by offering an opportunity to pay zakat online to maximize the number of zakat donations in Pakistan.

Flood Relief Appeal—The Voice of Humanity

Flood Relief Appeal—The Voice of Humanity

Flood Relief Appeal—The Voice of Humanity

Flood Relief Appeal—The Voice of Humanity

Why is it essential to support an NGO in times of crisis?

NGOs rely on public support rather than government funding. Instead of waiting for the ideal project to fall into your lap before deciding to give, we need to empathize. Consider focusing on issues like equality, compassion, and education. Just get going, and start with something you are familiar with. Start with a subject that riles you up. If you’ve been discreetly monitoring an NGO’s work for a while, go ahead and start making a little donation—even a flood relief appeal is not less than your donation. Long-term happiness and satisfaction can benefit from our spending money on others rather than on ourselves. The more you practice empathy, the more sympathetic you can become.

The role of NGOs in disaster relief efforts

All NGOs aim to offer skilled and qualified assistance to those in need whenever necessary, regardless of whether they are national or international organizations. It is important to remember that an NGO’s nature might change depending on how it operates. This is due to the diversity of not-for-profit organizations, which includes global, regional, local, and national ones. The others accept the given support to help those in immediate need of it, whilst the global ones work as donors or advocates.

Every NGO has a specific role to play in disaster management. Firstly they raise awareness in people by making flood relief appeals. They start their campaigns. Each organization either focuses on catastrophe preparation in its own unique way or adopts the practices of those around it. This is important because a catastrophe can harm anybody, whether they work for the government or the private sector. As a result, NGOs serve as keepers who raise awareness among the general public just before a calamity occurs. They also spread information on how to prevent it and what to do if it does occur.

10 ways to support flood victims

While numerous charity and humanitarian organizations are helping the flood victims, we as individuals must also contribute to support their efforts.

Here are some possibilities for helping Pakistan’s flood victims.

  1. Donate to flood victims

Since many of us are unable to travel directly to the flood-affected areas, we may give to humanitarian organizations that are equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources. Reputable NGOs like HANDS accept donations.

  1. Provide supplies to flood victims

You can give non-perishable food products and bottled water. First aid kits, tents, mosquito nets, soaps, clothing, and hygiene supplies are examples of additional necessities.

  1. Give blood to victims of floods

Some flood victims have injuries and may need blood transfusions. You could think about giving blood to such patients—contact the best NGO in Karachi if you want to donate. 

  1. Participate in the Flood Relief Program

As a volunteer, you may assist a nonprofit group in helping flood victims. To recover from the devastation caused by the floods, the impacted people will require the assistance of healthcare specialists, construction workers, and educators.

  1. Even if not able to visit the devastated areas, volunteer

Even if you cannot be on the ground, volunteering and collaborating with the best NGO in Karachi is vital to support you. Ask philanthropic groups helping flood victims whether they require assistance with fundraising, packing supplies, etc.

  1. Give protection

Families impacted by flooding are sitting on the side of the road. Tents and tarps are good temporary shelter options that you may provide for them.

  1. Provide necessities and supplies

In Pakistan, many flood victims were forced to leave their homes as floodwaters rose. They are required to abandon their belongings. They lack necessities, including food, clean drinking water, clothing, and soap. They are unable to purchase new supplies until they recuperate because many of them have lost their means of support. Reach out to humanitarian groups supplying the affected people with these materials or think about giving such products or going for online flood donations to the NGOs.

  1. Assist with cleaning

Floods result in significant harm. They ruin everything in their way, even houses. Many people who were affected by the flood have been relocated. There might not be much left to recover when they get back. Before they can begin to reconstruct their houses, they will need help sorting through the last of their belongings. You can offer to help them.

  1. Provide the supplies for flood relief

Since it might be difficult to get to flood-affected areas when the roads are flooded or damaged, many donors choose to help flood victims through charity organizations rather than traveling there directly. However, if you have the ability, resources, and knowledge, you can think about delivering relief supplies to needy individuals. The other thing you can do is make a flood donation online.

  1. Arrange a charity event

Putting up a fundraiser is a fantastic method to get support from your friends, family, coworkers, and the neighborhood. You may send these gifts to flood victims through reputable NGOs like HANDS, whether you do it on your own or in cooperation with your children’s school or a local organization or make an online flood donation.

Every donation counts during the time of crises

A donation is a gift given to a cause, humanitarian organization, or charity. A contribution can come in many different ways, such as cash, alms, services, or tangible objects like furniture, toys, food, or automobiles. A donation might meet the demand for transplantable organs or blood.

How does collaborating with HANDS contribute to disaster relief efforts?

The value of hope cannot be underestimated—when you collaborate with HANDS, you should know that your goal to help humanity is achieved. Every penny that is donated to HANDS is used for the relief and betterment of the flood affectees. NGOs like HANDS are working relentlessly for the flood relief campaign; therefore, your collaboration is a big contributor to disaster relief.


  1. What should I consider in an NGO to collaborate with?

The NGO should be selfless and uncompromising when it comes to working with any disaster management drive. All donations and expenditures should be transparent for every donor. You should be satisfied that your charity is going into the right HANDS. 

  1. What is the procedure for donating to an NGO?

The procedure may vary with different NGOs—some only collect money which can be sent to the NGO through flood donation online or cheques. Others accept utilities for disaster affectees, for example, food, clothes, bedsheets and blankets, household items, shoes, etc. 

  1. How are HANDS making a positive impact on the lives of flood victims?

Reaching out to all flood-affected areas in Pakistan, the nonprofit organization of HANDS’ Flood Relief team has saved people’s lives and livelihoods by distributing hygiene kits, setting up medical camps, and giving emergency shelters, ration packs, tarpaulin tents, and other relief materials. Their positive impact on these people is immense; they believe in values like humanism, charity, care, selflessness, kindness, and empathy. 


Food and building materials won’t bring about psychological and physical recovery. It is challenging to meet their true needs without seeking out, appreciating, and considering the population’s opinions. Every person must receive the assistance they need and deserve. Thus, collaborating with an NGO like HANDS can make your charity worthwhile.

HANDS; Your Handy Platform To Engage In Social Services

HANDS; Your Handy Platform To Engage In Social Services

HANDS; Your Handy Platform To Engage In Social Services

HANDS; Your Handy Platform To Engage In Social Services

Why should you engage in social services? 

Engaging in Social services is a great way of showing love for humanity and the creations of the almighty. Being a part of any social network is a prestige and nourishment to one’s soul. Working with an
NGO as a volunteer or donating to an NGO gives a sense of peace and contentment as there is no bigger honor than being a source of somebody’s happiness and betterment.

Being a part of the social welfare network makes you understand a lot of things about yourself, your life, and the surroundings you belong to. While working with an NGO, when you get to know about people’s problems and concerns, it reflects the true picture of society and all of these experiences make you think about how much better your life is. This makes you realize the blessings of life and makes you grounded.

There are several ways to collaborate with an NGO,  either by joining there as a volunteer or by donating whatever is accessible to you for the less fortunate. The key factor to learn is the procedure of how to donate and how to volunteer at an NGO.

The services provided by an NGO


A major role played by an NGO is the intention and effort to eradicate poverty at all possible levels, to be a means of providing income resources and helping out the individuals who can not afford to have even the necessities of life.


An amazing aspect of being a part of the best NGO in Karachi is its educational aspect. You get to educate other people by creating awareness in them regarding life and the important factors everyone should know about. 

Humanitarian Services

Being a part of the top NGO in Karachi like Hands brings you opportunities of working for the creation of the Almighty, to help them fight their problems and make their lives better.

Healthcare and Medical Services

The most heart-warming aspect of an NGO is the provision of Healthcare services and medical facilities to the less privileged to have equal rights to a good healthy life.

Human Rights

The top NGOs in Karachi fight for the rights of the people, those who ate unable to do it for themselves, who ate oppressed, and who are victims of someone’s abuse.

 How to get involved with an NGO as a volunteer or donor

Getting involved with an NGO is very important to u understand the reality of life and do whatever you can to make someone’s life better. Working with a healthcare network is not as difficult as people might think. You can easily work at an NGO for as many hours as you can easily take out of your schedule, or you can simply donate to be a part of the humanitarian services.

As far as donations are concerned, money is not the only option to go for, instead, you can also give food, clothes, blankets, clean water, the necessary hygiene products, or whatever you think might be useful for someone.

Hands, the best NGO in Karachi, brings you this amazing opportunity of being a source of someone’s happiness and comfort by offering all that you have, be it your time, your usable things, or any form of service that you are able to offer for the less privileged.

 10 ways you can contribute to society by joining an NGO

Being a part of the social welfare network, volunteering, or donating to an NGO, is a great way of being a means of someone’s ease and being a part of their prayers. Working with the best NGO in Karachi brings to you numerous opportunities to work for your society and make a change in people’s lives. 

Some of the ways by which you can contribute to the sick by joining an NGO are:

  1. By influencing people to stand for themselves.
  2. By providing  Healthcare facilities to the less fortunate.
  3. By being a means of providing income resources to the people to give them a chance of making themselves economically independent.
  4. By creating awareness among the people about human rights and animal rights.
  5. By educating people and standing against child labor and abuse. 
  6. By providing freedom to the ones subjected to domestic violence.
  7. By providing food and shelter to hopeless souls.
  8. By educating women about flame rights and giving them the confidence of standing up for themselves.
  9. By providing animal shelter services and protecting those innocent souls.
  10. By helping people in case of any calamity like floods, fire, etc.

 In what ways being a part of Hands is nourishment to one’s soul?

Working with Hands is the best way of being a medium of someone’s happiness,  freedom, and ease which gives your soul a sense of satisfaction and nourishment. The feeling of being the reason for someone’s smile is the biggest achievement of life anybody could think of.  The top NGO in Karachi, Hands provides you with different opportunities to invest your time or efforts at your convenience. 

Hands has been the best NGO in Karachi to make it easier for people who want to engage themselves in social services but don’t know how to volunteer at an NGO by creating awareness and guiding them throughout their journey of being social workers.


  1. How much time do I need to commit to volunteering at an NGO?

You can invest as much time as you can easily get out of your routine. It could be 1 or 2  hours or even the whole day. There is no such restriction on time when working for an NGO.

  1. Will I be paid for working with an NGO?

People who volunteer at an NGO get paid a salary for the work they do.

  1. What makes Hands the best NGO in Karachi?

Its efforts, dedication, selfless services, and consideration for the people, the way it treats everyone equally and does whatever is possible to make their existing condition better, is what makes Hands the best NGO in Karachi.


An NGO plays a vital role in society working for the welfare of people and making their lives better, free of difficulties by every means. Being a part of an NGO is an honor and a sense of contentment to one’s soul as it reflects the true picture of life and gives you a chance of realizing the importance of all that you have when you look at people who are less fortunate.

Hands is one of the best NGOs in Karachi, which has contributed to the betterment of society, saving many important lives and benign a ray of hope for innocent hopeless souls. Hands is the most trusted and top NGO in Karachi for Volunteering or donating. It works with the utmost dedication and has devoted all of its efforts only to the betterment of its people.


The Aftermath Of Floods In Pakistan

The Aftermath Of Floods In Pakistan

The Aftermath Of Floods In Pakistan

The Aftermath Of Floods In Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries most adversely impacted by climate change. Early summer with sweltering temperatures, glaciers melting, and prolonged periods of rain led to catastrophic floods that brought tragedy in the form of loss of life, property damage, exclusion, disease, and starvation. It impacted more than 33 million people, causing the loss of life and the destruction of their homes. In some parts, the water from the flood still stands as it has no way out. Millions of dollars worth of crops have been destroyed, and if the situation is not resolved soon, hunger and famine will further worsen the catastrophe. A total of 115 districts throughout the nation have been classified as calamity-hit, with Sindh suffering the most damage and then Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Donation impacts lives

There has been $20 billion worth of substantial financial losses. Since mid-June, almost 1,600 individuals and over 750,000 cattle and other animals have died. For the foreseeable future, millions of acres of land are no longer suitable for cultivation. Houses, hospitals, schools, and mainly infrastructure have all been damaged; their repair will take a huge amount of money and effort. Just the government cannot do the needful; therefore, flood donation is what we are counting on.

Effects on health

Certainly, many health issues have emerged as extra complications in this terrible situation. Mosquito-borne ailments, including malaria, chikungunya, and dengue fever, are on the rise. With the already devastating effects of water-borne illnesses, such as gastroenteritis and cholera, salmonella infections and amoebiasis are predicted to rise. Also, due to the unclean surroundings in the camps of the flood affectees, other viral and bacterial illnesses, including respiratory tract infections, and skin and eye infections, have also upsurged.

Flood relief fund

However, food and building supplies won’t provide physical and psychological healing. It is difficult to satisfy the population’s actual demands unless their perspectives are sought, appreciated, and taken into consideration. With the flood relief fund, every person must get the support they are looking for, which is what they deserve.
Additionally, the suffering of those impacted has increased as a result of an increase in snake bite incidents. In upper and lower Sindh, where rice is grown, and there is a lot of water in the fields, the months of July and August are infamous for snake bites. The snakes emerge from their tunnels as a result of heat and water. Snake poisoning primarily calls for anti-snake venom, which is not readily available even in hospitals and other medical institutions, let alone in temporary housing and camps. They are exceedingly expensive and not accessible to everyone, even if they are offered on the private market. In order to prevent it from worsening the morbidity and total mortality of displaced people and everyone around them, the snake bite problem has to get specific attention.
Many NGOs have been working relentlessly, pooling in flood donations and channelizing them to reach the deserving. The object of every NGO and other such organizations is mutual – helping the flood affectees. Hands are one of those organizations that have been trying to reach out to those who have lost their homes and even their loved ones. Their businesses have crashed and are almost non-existent. They need emotional and mental support at the same time. So, the flood relief fund should not only be going to feed and provide shelter but also provide them some ground to make a living for themselves and their families and lead a life they desire and deserve

Play Your Part-Become a Volunteer

Play Your Part-Become a Volunteer

Play Your Part-Become a Volunteer

Play Your Part-Become a Volunteer

Would you like to work with others who have the passion and determination to serve their country by helping victims of floods? By becoming a part of HANDS, you will surely make a lasting positive impact on your homeland.
HANDS is a unique organization with an integrated development approach and expertise in disaster management. With a network of thirty-five branches across the country, HANDS has access to over twenty-nine million population and more than twenty-one thousand villages/settlements in fifty-nine districts of Pakistan. HANDS’ strength is its fifteen volunteer board members and a workforce of ten thousand community-based volunteers from more than sixty-three partner organizations.
HANDS has always encouraged the youth to volunteer and participate in activities that make life easier for the deserving and suffering of the country. This is a great opportunity for young adults to help, learn and grow. It’s no secret that people feel better when they help others and contribute to their communities through positive and influential actions. Here are the top five benefits of becoming a volunteer:
Makes you feel closer to the community
Opens career prospects for youth
Young volunteers feel happier and healthier as they make new connections
Learn new skills to advance their careers
Strengthen ties with the community and expand their support network
Join the HANDS volunteer program and support a worthwhile cause including the most pertinent one being that flood victim rehabilitation. The year 2022 has seen floods devastate thousands of communities across Pakistan. We are looking for volunteers to help with various tasks related to flood relief in Sindh, Punjab, KPK, and Balochistan.
To register, you must first visit our website, click “Join” and then select “Become a Volunteer” to create a profile. Fill in the volunteer application form by providing some basic details and finally click “Submit”. Even with a busy schedule, volunteering just for a few hours a week and on weekends can enrich and fulfill you in many ways.

Together Let’s Fight the Flood

Together Let’s Fight the Flood

Together Let’s Fight the Flood

Together Let’s Fight the Flood

Devastating floods have hit Pakistan, threatening areas of Sindh and Balochistan, as well as parts of the KP and southern Punjab due to unprecedented heavy rains. The impact of this flooding is expected to manifest in terms of the severity of the devastation it causes. Many places have been flooded and some have become shelters for displaced people who lost their families, homes, and livelihoods in the rushing waters.
Damage and destruction from heavy monsoon rains and flash floods across Pakistan killed 1,569 people, injuring 12,860 seriously, submerging 2.09 million homes, killing nearly 998,407 livestock, and displacing countless numbers of displaced people. HANDS is busy collecting generous Flood donations to meet the immediate needs of flood victims and enable their quick rehabilitation. This is an opportunity to reach out to affected families and communities as they struggle to feed themselves during this time of need.
HANDS is working to rebuild the lives of the people of Balochistan and Southern Punjab which are the hardest hit areas with 230 and 345 people killed. Millions of hectares of land in Jhal Magsi, Lasbela, D.G.Khan, and Rajanpur districts are submerged and many are at risk.
The non-profit organization of HANDS’ Flood Relief team has saved lives and livelihoods by reaching out to all flood-affected areas in Pakistan, providing emergency shelters, ration packs, tarpaulin tents, and other relief supplies along with distributing hygiene kits and organizing medical camps in different regions.
HANDS has pledged to raise four billion rupees for the people affected by the flood and has achieved the target of 1.12 billion rupees. The road is long and arduous and to reach our target we anticipate your generous donation. Join hands with HANDS to ensure we fulfill our mission to provide a better quality of life to all in an equitable, humane, peaceful, and sustainable manner.
Countless families in Pakistan are left with nothing but only hope and urgently need your help. HANDS Flood Relief Appeal will surely save thousands of precious lives. Donate now to help our brothers and sisters in need.

Historical Background of Zakat

Historical Background of Zakat

Historical Background of Zakat

Historical Background of Zakat

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam; it is considered one of the most important ways to give charity. Zakat donation is beneficial for maintaining economic quality in society. Every Muslim should engage in these practices like all other Islamic practices. The history of Zakat is not a few decades old; it is embedded in the time of the Holy Prophet (SAW). We can understand the gravity and great significance of this practice only when we understand the historical circumstances in which this practice was initiated.

History of Zakat Donation

History has much evidence that before Prophet Muhammad (SAW) many other prophets followed the command of Allah and obeyed the principles of Zakat. However, the real concept of Zakat was made clear during the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the ideas of Zakat were gradually implemented once the society had understood the concept. Initially, Zakat was not mandatory; it was an optional practice. The Sahaba (RA) had the choice to pay Zakat to please Allah (SWT). Later, Zakat was made mandatory and those Muslims with wealth exceeding a certain amount had to pay it.

During that time, state individuals collected Zakat at the time of the year when it was supposed to be done, and distributed it to the ones who were eligible. The Holy Prophet (SAW) frequently stated that those who pay Zakat would be blessed immeasurably, they would be one of those special followers of Allah because they obeyed one of the five main pillars of Islam.

The True Meaning of Zakat

The essence of Zakat is when you understand the whole notion of it. Through Zakat donation the rich pays gratitude to Allah (SAW) by showing how concerned they are to help the underprivileged financially. This practice is not about setting up rigid practices and rituals for the followers but it is a divine way of developing the social, economic, and also political sides of society.

Zakat should be paid through Zakat Calculator. It is a divine concept and one of the most important components of deen. All Muslims must donate Zakat if Allah has granted them wealth. By practicing it a Muslim is reminded that material things are not the ultimate goal of life for them. It makes them understand and practice the true meaning of brotherhood, and they also become empathetic. In return, they get blessings and mercy from Allah (SWT).

If you want to pay Zakat but don’t know where to give it, you can donate to HCI (Human Concern International) which hosts different campaigns to help Muslims all over the world battling poverty.

Zakat Donation in Pakistan

No matter how under develop country Pakistan is, Muslims of Pakistan know the value and importance of Zakat. For many philanthropists, Zakat is a way of salvation. Zakat in Pakistan is not only a practice carried out by very affluent – people who have money which is even a little more than they require, donate Zakat.

Zakat donation in Pakistan has become very systematic. Most NGOs are run on Zakat donations. When people know where their charity is going – they pay more than expected. The underprivileged can be anyone, there is no discrimination of cast, color, and creed. Everyone gets financial aid whenever they reach out to these NGOs. Like Hands run mainly on Zakat. Government cannot go around helping everyone, NGOs, therefore, are the most suitable source to donate Zakat in Pakistan.

If you wish to pay Zakat but don’t really know where – it is simple, donate to Hands. Under the umbrella of Hands, many deprived children get an education, the desolate get houses, and clothes, and essentially, the poor get food too. Hence, donate to Zakat and help the underprivileged and get your heart’s desire of helping others.