Housing- A ray of hope for flood affected population

Housing & Affiliated Facilities (HAF) services are committed to strengthening the infrastructure of underserved regions. Many communities in Pakistan lack access to even the most basic utilities.
HANDS provides low-cost shelter projects, community physical infrastructure projects, communication schemes, and alternate energy schemes.

In 2022-23, HANDS carried out 09 projects in 33 districts and 12,363 villages and urban settlements with 1.07 million beneficiaries






Villages/Urban Settlement



Description2022-23Up to date
No. of Shelter Constructed34,522122,953
No. of Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) Schemes423102,055
Culverts / Small Bridges & Flood Protection Wall021,783
Street Pavement & Link Roads053,305
Other Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) Schemes41696,967
Solar Lights Distributed6,288102,062
Solar Units Installed8781,112
Total KW1981,087
Reduction of Tons of CO2 Emissions54,8054,264,521

Services Models

Low Cost Housing

Low-cost shelters are a game-changer in disaster relief efforts. Families that cannot afford to rebuild their houses can easily be protected through these shelters. So far, we have spent PKR 3.7 billion on constructed 122,953 shelters to date of which 34,522 shelters were constructed in 2022-23.

Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) Schemes

HANDS realizes the importance of infrastructure for the basic functioning of communities. Our CPI schemes provide street pavements, link roads, hand pumps, gravity water supply, sewerage treatment and energy. HANDS has engaged in the construction and renovation of schools and building flood protection walls and culverts. So far last year 423 CPI schemes have been constructed.

Alternate Energy Schemes

HANDS believes strongly in the rights of communities’ access to clean and cost-efficient energy. Most parts of Pakistan experience severe shutdowns and power outages due to a fragile network and low production. To overcome this, alternate energy solutions like solar and micro-hydel can be beneficial. Our Head Office in Karachi gets its electricity from a 120 KW solar plant. Most of the HANDS offices around Pakistan do not rely on the grid. They are completely solar-powered. In addition, most health and education facilities are also solarized. Currently, we are in the process of solarizing villages as well. In this connection last year 6,288 solar lights were distributed and 878 solar units were installed in villages or urban settlements.

Highlights of post flood 2022 Housing & Affiliated Facility (HAF) services

Description No.of


 No. of


Housing schemes

(Roofing kits, shelter construction, smokeless stoves, kitchen construction)

183,895 1,281,679
Community physical infrastructure

(Street pavement, culverts, protection wall)

609 4,648
Rehabilitation of community / MARVI Center1,831 12,817
Non-food Items (NFIs) (mosquito nets, winterization kits, kitchen kits / solar Energy kits)48,215 197,674

Impact Assessment of HANDS Intervention Population

Social Determinant of Housing & Affiliated Facilities (HAF) Program

Shelter with Sexual Violence

Construction of resilient Pucca shelter reduces sexual violence compared to Kutcha or having no shelter (P value 0.036 * Significance Association)

Shelter with Privacy

Construction of resilient shelters maintains privacy compared to Kutcha shelter or having no shelter (P value 0.000 * Significance Association)

Shelter with Poverty

Poor individuals are more likely to construct Pucca shelters compared to non-poor individuals (P value 0.000 * Significance Association)