Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Ahmed

Chief Executive

Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Ahmed is the Chief Executive of HANDS and associated with HANDS since 1994. He has 30 years’ extensive experience in the development sector and has a grip over management and technical skills in both private and public sector organizations. He obtained his Master’s in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Karachi, M.B.B.S from DOW Medical College & Civil Hospital Karachi and Training for Diploma in Child from Department of Pediatrics DOW Medical College, fellowship in Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program from Public Health Institute Santa Cruz, University of California, Berkley. His expertise in Long Term and Short Strategic Program planning and Policy Implementation, Facilitation in monitoring, evaluation, training, reporting, project proposal writing and research speaks of the success in the organization he has hitherto worked with. So far, his excellence in project proposal writings and fundraising & networking with donors, government, UN Agencies, NGOs, and private institutions has always been outstanding.

Mr. Anwer Iqbal

Mr. Anwer Iqbal

Chief Finance Executive

Mr. Anwer Iqbal is Chief Finance Executive and providing services to HANDS since 2009. Mr. Anwer Iqbal is a Qualified Cost and Management Accountant. He has experience of more than two decades in the field of Accounts & Finance. He represents HANDS as Trustee Member on START Network Board and Vice-Chair on Finance and Audit Committee of START Network. His expertise includes Accounting and Financial Management, Budgeting and Risk management, Fund Management, Financial Analysis, Product Development, Tax, and Regulatory Compliance. He is independently running the finance department with multiple projects funded by almost all top-notch donors of the world. He has the incredible skill of designing and providing oversight in implementing the innovative approaches related to finance in community development. He has been a key player in developing and managing Public-Private Partnership with the Government. He has attended several conferences and represented HANDS on various forums.

Mr. Maqbool Ahmed Rahu

Chief HR, Education & WASH Executive

Mr. Maqbool Rahu is the Chief HR&ID and Education and associated with HANDS since 2004. He served in key positions of responsibility at HANDS as Country Chief HANDS International Nepal, General Manager WASH Program, and Senior Manager Education Program. He has earned a degree of Masters in Sociology and Education and an advanced diploma in Early Childhood Development- ECD, ECD Program, policy and practices and ECD research analysis and report from Agha Khan University Hospital. He has extensive experience in Education and WASH sector and has incredible proficiency in project management, community development, training conduction, monitoring & evaluation, large-scale survey/ research networking, and training manual development.

Ms. Rubina Jaffri

Chief Administration Executive

Ms. Rubina Jafri has been associated with HANDS since 2011. She has wide experience in the field of Monitoring & Evaluation and has conducted various external & internal field base researches, including baseline surveys, pre-post project evaluations and impact assessments. She has done Masters in Public Administration from Karachi University. Her expertise in the development of research protocol, research conduction plan, research tools, orientation/ training of surveyors, supervision of field survey, data feeding, and compilation and writing of research reports is remarkable.

Mr. Anis Danish

Chief Services Executive

Muhammad Anis Danish has been involved in the social development sector since 1992 as an expert, in the following key areas; networking, climate change, community development, capacity building, and analysis for social and economic development. He has been writing project proposals, writing reviews, monitoring, and evaluating synthesis, organizing development events and material development for training is a genuine value addition to the regime of the development sector, with his rich background in the fields, by extensive travel, social networking, events’ management. He provides the most needed dose of unconventional yet effective and practical solutions to social development problems. He holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Sindh. He has participated in various professional development programs. He attended training in Jordon organized by MSI for developing a sustainability index. He attended a workshop on Leadership & NGO Excellence which was organized by US Consulate General, Karachi. He participated in a workshop on Gender Analysis of Civil Society which was organized by the Church World Service- Pakistan Afghanistan chapter. He compiled booklets on “Safety Guidebook for journalists and editors” and “Governance for Non-Profit” and wrote articles on projects managements for NGORC Journals. He is an Executive Council member of the Urban Resource Center. He is the Focal person of the Karachi Chapter of the Human Resource Development Network (HRDN). He is the focal person for Pakistan Democratic Alliance (PDA) for Sustainable Development Goals. He is Honorary Finance Secretary of the Women’s Development Foundation (WDF). He is the founder member of HANDS and had been an Executive member for a long.

Mr. Qamar Uddin Shaikh

Chief Health & Research

Mr. Qamar Uddin Shaikh has been associated with HANDS since August 2010. He holds the degree of MS in Public Health from SZABIST Karachi and MSc. in Defense & Strategic Studies from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. He has possessed wide experience in project implementation, program management, monitoring evaluation & research along with expertise in Reproductive Health and Family Planning. He has independently led the mega projects and supervised several projects teams, successfully over the period of the last 10 years in the Health Department. Mr. Qamar has contributed significantly to the development and implementation of sustainable health services programs especially focused on Family Planning.

Ms. Rahila Rahim

HOD – FSL (Food Security & Livelihood)

Ms. Rahila Rahim is the Head of the Department of Gender and Development & Livelihood enhancement Program and connected with HANDS since 2000. She holds a Master’s degree in Political Science. Ms. Rahila has 27 years of experience in the field of community development, gender mainstreaming, social entrepreneurship and the poverty alleviation sector. She has the tremendous skill of communication for development and, she played a key role in taking Early Child Marriage Bill 2014 in the National assembly. She represents HANDS in various national forums on women rights.

Mr. Khalid Chawla

HOD – Finance

Mr. Khalid Chawla joined HANDS in 2009 and brings with him a wealth of experience spanning 15 years in the field of finance and accounting within the realm of a large-scale NGO. With a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) specializing in Finance, an M.A. in Economics, and having achieved ACMA finalist status, he possesses a robust educational background to complement his professional journey.
His expertise lies in the comprehensive analysis of organizational financial performance, adeptly managing risks, proficiently overseeing fund management, and conducting meticulous examinations of financial records to ensure both accuracy and adherence to Government Regulatory, IFRS, and GAP standards. Mr. Chawla has also undertaken significant roles in statutory audits and special assignments for numerous esteemed corporate, commercial clients, and NGOs.

Mr. Kashif Husnain


Mr. Kashif Hasnain is the Head of the Department of Information and Technology and connected with HANDS since 2008. He is responsible for managing the IT department and handling employees’ concerns and performances regarding IT-related matters. He has obtained a Master’s Degree in IT from PIMSAT. He is also responsible for developing and overseeing metrics for hardware, software and storage and directing and supporting the implementation of new software and hardware. He is skilled in identifying and eliminating security vulnerabilities with strategic.

Mr. Qalandar Bux

HOD - Education

Mr. Qalander Bux Behrani is the Head of the Department of Education and Literacy and is associated with HANDS since 2004. He has done Master’s in Mass Communication and Advanced Diploma in ECD. He has more than two decades of comprehensive experience in the field of education, project management, and networking with donors.

Ms. Huma Siddiqui


Ms. Huma Tabbasum Siddiqui is the Head of the Department of Human Resource and Institutional Development. She is associated with HANDS since 2000. she is currently managing portfolios of more than 10,000 staff. She has done Master’s in Sociology and enrolled in MBA (Human Resource). She is a master trainer in the field of Education, Gender and Development, Community Development, Basic Management Skills, Decision Making, Organizational Planning and Design, Monitoring & Evaluation, Leadership Development, Communication Skills, Human Resource Management, Organizational Development and Social Mobilization.

Mr. M. Raheem Marri


Mr. Raheem Marri is the Head of the Department of Disaster Management and Social Mobilization and is associated with HANDS since 2009. He has obtained a Master’s degree in Sociology and D.C.S (Computer Science). His area of expertise is social mobilization/community engagement, disaster management, development of social institutions for community empowerment, emergency response and relief, Community Based Disaster Risk Management/ Reduction, emergency camp management, leadership development, project management and training conduction.

Mr. Zulfiqar Sario

HOD – Health

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Sario has been an integral part of HANDS since August 2009. He earned an MSPH degree in Public Health with majors in RHFP and Nutrition from Health Services Academy, Islamabad, and Master’s in Sociology from the University of Sindh. He has received a diploma degree in Early Childhood Development to Human Development course from Aga Khan University. He has earned numerous online courses in RHFP, Nutrition, MNCH, Global Health, etc. With a wealth of experience in project implementation, program management, monitoring and evaluation, and research, he brings notable expertise in Reproductive Health and Family Planning, MNCH, Nutrition, and data analytics. Over the past decade, Mr. Sario has autonomously spearheaded multi-donor projects funded by UN agencies, UKAID, USAID, and BMGF and provided technical oversight to multiple project teams within the Health Department. His substantial contributions have played a pivotal role in the development and execution of sustainable health services programs, with a particular emphasis on advancing Universal Health Coverage initiatives.

Mr. Naeem Memon

HOD – PIT (Physical Infrastructure & Technology)

Mr. Naeem Memon is the Head of the Department of Infrastructure Development, Alternate Energy and Shelter Program- IDEAS and joined HANDS in 2007. During these 13 years of service, his remarkable achievement is the construction of 12 Disaster Risk Management Centers and almost 84,000 low cost resilient shelters countrywide

Mr. Maaz Tanveer

HOD - Communication & Resource Development

Mr. Shaikh Maaz Tanveer is the Head of the Department of Communication and Resource Development. He joined HANDS in 2017. He has done his BBA in Marketing from Institute of Business Administration Karachi and has a MSc in Climate Change, Development and Policy from Institute of Development Studies in UK. He has successfully designed and implemented all the alternate energy projects of the organization in the period of 2017-2019 including a low cost solar lighting project “Lighting Lives in Pakistan”. He’s now actively engaged in developing a new department and portfolio of the organization in natural resource management and also simultaneously leading the resource mobilization and communication portfolios of the organization. He’s one of the bright, young leaders at HANDS.

Mr. Ahmed Dayo


Mr. Ahmed Bux Dayo is the Head of Water Sanitation and Hygiene Department and associated with HANDS since 2014. He has been working in the development sector for more than 10 years and holds a Master’s in Business Administration. His expertise lies in Education, Monitoring & Research, WASH, Disaster Management Sectors. He has been leading various Development and Emergency Response Projects of the WASH Sector. He has excellent skill in proposal writing, project management, report writing, communication and trainings.

Mr. M. Ali Shahzad

HOD - Administration

Mr. Mohammad Ali Shahzad, is the Head of Department of Administration. He is a dynamic leader with over 20 years of experience in the corporate sector. Holding a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Computer Sciences from the University of Karachi, he seamlessly combines business acumen with technological expertise. Mr. Ali also excels in B2B/B2C project management, project planning, and execution. His core competencies include general administration, supply chain management, and corporate relations. He is known for his ability to create execution plans using the latest technology and methods, supported by extensive research and a strategic mindset. With his Oracle Certified Professional (OCP 10g DBA) certification from Techno-ED (OraTech, Oracle Pakistan), Mr. Shahzad possesses a deep understanding of database management, ensuring seamless operations and efficiency.

Majid Saleem Rao

HOD - Audit

Mr. Majid Saleem Rao, Head of Department of Internal-Audit.
He holds an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) as well as a Bachelor of Commerce from Karachi University.
He has worked with HANDS for the past 11 years. He is a Chartered certified accountant with over 12 years of expertise in Financial reporting and Standard IFRS, Internal Audit, External Audit, Project Financial management, Income tax, Microsoft Office and ERP systems.

Mr. Amon John

HOD - Supply Chain

Mr. Amon John is the Head of the Department of Supply Chain and associated with HANDS since 2008. He holds a degree in Masters in Business Administration (MBA). He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of procurement and logistics. He has an inspiring capability of providing quality and timely procurement services to operations and developing appropriate procurement and contracting strategies.

Mr. Noor Baloch


Mr. Noor Muhammad has been associated with HANDS since 2001. He has wide experience in the field of Monitoring and evaluation. He has conducted various external & internal field-based research, including baseline surveys, pre-post project evaluations, and impact assessments. He has a Masters in Sociology from Sindh University and attended many trainings regarding research, especially from July to August 2010. He has attended the Continue Education Program on Statistics, Data Management & Analysis and Computer Skills from Community Health Sciences Aga Khan University. His expertise in the development of research protocol, research conduction plan, research tools, orientation/ training of surveyors, supervision of field survey, data feeding, and compilation and writing of research reports is remarkable.

Ms. Anum Ali Laghari

HOD CE Secretariate

Ms. Anum Ali Laghari, an organizational development professional and activist with a decade of dedicated service, has left an indelible mark on the landscape of the development sector, Founding a free charitable school and a successful vocational training center for women in Hyderabad, Anum’s impact extends beyond education, empowering women to run businesses from their homes. She remembered as a well-known philanthropist and human rights activist of Hyderabad Sindh. She worked on reproductive health rights of women with Marie Stopes Society as regional Manager at Marie Stopes Society, overseeing Reproductive Health Initiatives, Anum’s expertise in diverse sectors became evident. Anum joined HANDS Pakistan in 2021 as the WASH Manager, on the basis of her remarkable management skills and outstanding performance, she swiftly ascended to the HANDS CE Secretariat and, within six months, elevated to Head of the Department Chief Executive’s Secretariat, showcasing her strategic leadership. She is currently leading the GoS grant, and securing a 250 Million grant from the Government of Sindh for the organization, her routine is dealing with multiple stakeholders and governmental, organizational, and security agencies alongside managing the Chief Executive’s schedule and other assigned tasks.
Her academic journey rooted in a Master’s in Commerce from the University of Sindh and concurrently pursuing a Master’s in Social Sciences at SZABIST, Anum’s academic pursuits complement her hands-on experience. reflects resilience, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to driving positive change at the intersection of organizational development, activism, and academia.