Health Services

HANDS has an integrated health service department offering community, individual, nutrition and telemedicine healthcare facilities. The main idea is to ensure that quality healthcare services are provided to the masses. HANDS is improving health indicators through intervening in health facilities and community health worker intervention (Marvi/Noor Workers)

In 2022-23, HANDS carried out 23 health-related projects in 32 districts and 9,316 villages and urban settlements with 3.62 million beneficiaries.

Our Program Outreach






Villages/Urban Settlement



 Description2022-23Up to date
Health Facilities2660
OPD Consultation (In Million)0.3710.05
User of Family Planning (In Million)0.834.06
Healthcare Providers290778
Trained Midwives25570
Marvi / Noor Workers39655012
Malnutrition Screenings (Children & Women) (In Million)0.122.2
Lab Services3.6714.39

Services Models

Community Health Services

HANDS has the honor to introduce a cadre of community-based outreach health workers in areas where there is no Lady Health Worker (LHW) by a pilot project held in a remote district of Sindh during 1999-2003.
These health workers are local literate/low literate/illiterate women selected as per defined selection criteria, to provide basic health services in their defined target area. The selected female is trained to serve her community as community based Marvi/Misali worker to provide services in under-served non-LHW areas.

The services are provided to the designated population by following the established activities and project indicators, which are part of the Marvi worker’s job description. For the technical/skill-based services, each Marvi is given supportive supervision by a Lady Health Visitor (LHV). Last year 3,965 Marvi /Noor Worker served the same number of villages/urban settlements in 13 districts of the country. The Marvi worker organizes the neighborhood and informs/educates the target group using conventional information packages for behavior modification. Various tactics are also employed to modify behavior. In Pakistan, HANDS is the leading NGO offering free family planning and healthcare services. HANDS also offers high quality affordable telemedicine services and top-notch and affordable online medical services.

Sustainablity of Health Service

HANDS has addressed sustainability in community health services through a small grant to establish an enterprise (grocery shop) by Marvi for their economic empowerment and sustainability by developing businesses within their villages. Marvi sells basic consumables for hygiene and health at their Marvi Markaz, making it simple for customers to get those things. Marvi manages the business along with basic health services. Currently, HANDS has Marvi workers who are working for social mobilization, income generation opportunities and gender empowerment. With the use of this model, Marvi makes an average of PKR 2-4 thousand every month to support her family.

HANDS Family Planning (FP) services are available through outreach Community Health Workers and Health Facilities

Through our Family Planning services, we have been able to help 0.83 million married couples and brought about a 53 percent contraceptive prevalence rate. This intervention has made it possible to avert 22,099 unsafe abortions and prevent 43 maternal mortalities. In addition, 62,985 unwanted pregnancies and 40,746 Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYS) were also averted.

Health Impact by providing Family Planning Services

Above users were supplied 42 million supplies by the Population Welfare Department Govt. of Sindh and Punjab

0.83 M

Current Users


Additional Users

Community Based Nutrition Initiative

According to the National Nutritional Survey 2018, four out of ten children in the country under the age of five years suffer from stunted growth. HANDS has pioneered several community-based initiatives through which we have screened 1.4 million children (6 months to 5 years of age).

HANDS has been working in rural, remote uncovered areas of Lady Health Workers (LHW) with the Marvi workers model for improving the nutritional status of under 5-year children and pregnant and lactating women. Marvi workers, under the supervision of Lady Health Visitor (LHV), conduct screening of malnourished children to identify and provide supplements and counsel to them. Under this initiative, communities are mobilized to adopt healthy behaviors and prevent malnutrition in children under 5 years.

Nutrition Supplements of Rs. 79.5 Million provided

* SAM – Severely Acute Malnutrition
** MAM – Moderate Acute Malnutrition
*** PLWs – Pregnant & Lactating Women (PLWs)

Health Facilities

HANDS provides services through 26 health facilities to augment free-of-cost subsidized treatment to underprivileged communities. In the past year, through our various initiatives, we were able to provide medical services to 367,578 people through outpatient services, normal deliveries, C-sections, maternal healthcare, indoor services, major and minor surgeries, lab services and radiology.

Health Facilities IntervenedNumber
District Head Quarter / Secondary Govt Hospital08
Maternal and Child Health Centre (MCH)03
Government Dispensary02
Rural Health Centre (RHC)07
Basic Health Unit (BHU)06

Facility Based Health Services: (Free of Cost Services)

HANDS is managing 26 facilities both in Public-Private and Private-Private Partnerships

OPD Consultation367,578
Indoor Services3,832
Major & Minor Surgeries728
Normal Deliveries  & C-Sections2,246
Maternal Healthcare6,140
Lab Services3,884,746

Community Midwifery Training

We have established a well-equipped community midwifery school at HANDS’ hospital in Jamkanda in the Karachi peri-urban area. This school is registered with the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC). A total of 570 midwives have graduated until now, 531 are from Sindh and 39 from Balochistan. This way over 2.9 million populations with mother and child healthcare services are being benefited. Last year 2 more batches (53 students) out of which 24 students passed first-year exams while 27 students are in the process of completing the examination.

Telehealth-Asaan Sehat

HANDS has initiated “ASAAN SEHAT”, an innovative TELEMEDICINE healthcare service since 2020 in the wake of the pandemic. It is an intervention to provide access to quality healthcare to all at their doorstep through information, communication, and technology. The Asaan Sehat program provides affordable and convenient healthcare access from qualified doctors in Pakistan.

The program is expected to help 5 million people and address major health issues where users can connect with doctors through an application for audio and video consultations. HANDS ensures that the best general physicians are available on the go while patient confidentiality is maintained. This initiative provides a unique opportunity for lady doctors to practice from home.

Achievements (2022-2023)

HCPs & Nursing Staff Providing Services on Board

Online Consultations = 5,963