Welcome To HANDS

HANDS is one of the top NGOs in Pakistan that is dedicated to empowering communities and transforming lives since 1979. From healthcare, education, food security, livelihood, water and sanitation to resilient infrastructure and social development, we tackle development issues at its core.

You can also contribute to our cause by donating Zakat online in Pakistan. Your Zakat can make a significant impact in providing essential services to those in need and help us in our mission to build a better Pakistan where everyone reaches their full potential.

Explore our impact, discover how you can join us, and be part of something bigger. Together, we can build a Pakistan where everyone reaches their full potential.

Our Vision

Quality of Life for All in an Equitable, Humane, Peaceful and Sustainable World.

Goal 2030

25,000 Model Communities

Strategy 2030

Connecting Communities to 2030

For HANDS, quality of life for all isn’t just a slogan, but a belief system which encapsulates our values in the work we do. We believe we can transform the future of this country together. Donate today to change lives and empower communities!

Our Services


Providing integrated health
services at national level.


Housing, Development & Alternative energy services


Water sanitation & hygiene services

Food Security and Livelihood

Livelihood opportunities & skill development for the underprivileged


Inclusive Development & Humanitarian Services

Education & Literacy

Promotion of Education for Human and Institutional Development.

Give your zakat and donations

We facilitate such communities with health, education, livelihood, clean water, tents/shelters, food and sanitation.

Our Partners