How Zakat Donation Eradicate Poverty from Pakistan

Poverty is a scourge for both individuals and communities. At whatever degree it exists, it represents a threat to mankind. Every society in the world has attempted to solve this problem. Islam has also offered a thorough strategy to ease this affliction. The current research looks at how some of these strategies might be used collectively and takes into account Pakistan’s Zakat donation system, which has been in place since 1980. This is based on the assumption that Zakat in Pakistan with other Islamic policies, has proven to be effective in rescuing the poor from poverty.

Poverty Has Planted Its Roots in Pakistan

Pakistan is still not completely economically strong because it’s still a developing country. One of the reasons for this downfall is that during the last 60 years, Pakistan has not shown any improvement in literacy rates. Other countries like U.S.A and Sri Lanka have shown massive improvements throughout the years because their literacy rate is extremely high and even the vegetable vendor is educated in their country. This results in less poverty in that country.
Poverty is one of the most serious problems that humanity faces. Poverty is defined as the inability to meet the bare minimum of living standards and having inadequate funds to purchase basic essentials of life such as food, clothes, housing, and education. It is not just determined by the country’s resource endowment, population size, and socioeconomic profile.

Importance of Zakat

Zakat is an essential system of Islamic doctrine, and it plays an active part in Muslim society’s spiritual and social life. Zakat donation in Pakistan is required on those whose wealth reaches or surpasses a particular amount known as the Nisab. Zakat, on the other hand, is a kind of worship for which one receives recompense from Allah. On the other side, failing to pay Zakat donation is a severe offence.

Benefits of Zakat

⦁ As Allah states in the Qur’an, it cleanses your money.
⦁ It’s a fantastic objective that aims to change the world.
⦁ Indication of a sincere community and a desire to get closer to Allah.
⦁ A symbol of brotherhood.

How Zakat Can Eradicate Poverty

In the form of Zakat donation, Islam recommends a legal part of rich people’s money for the impoverished sectors of society. As a result, income begins to flow from the wealthy to the poor. As a result, Zakat plays a critical role in wealth distribution and, eventually, poverty eradication. Professional individuals, such as tailors, iron smiths, launderers, butchers, and others, may be awarded monetary grants to purchase instruments of their trade, according to the jurists. A farmer may be given money from the Zakat budget to purchase a plot of land on which to plant crops. In this way, the Zakat system boosts people’s job prospects and aids in poverty alleviation.
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