Educate Pakistan, Elevate Pakistan

The world has found success being dependent on acquiring education and the worth of that education. Talent and skills work when one is educated enough to use it in the correct manner. 

When we talk about Pakistan, we know that the country has always been in possession of a soil that is enriched with talent in immeasurable amount and has been able to produce masterminds such as Abdus Salam, Atta Ur Rahman, Arfa Abdul Karim and so many more. But these handfuls of educated resources are not enough to get Pakistan out of the deep waters of crisis. 

Allan Bloom correctly worded the importance of education deeming ‘Education to be the movement from darkness to light’.

Eradication of injustice and crisis and moving towards a better future with a just and stable society is only possible when the society on the whole has been educated. The discussions over education system in Pakistan have been depressing since the system ranks on low radar of quality. 

Looking at this situation with statistical evidence leads us to find Pakistan staggering at 56% in comparison of India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh as all these countries have surpassed the domain of education. 

The core reason for education in Pakistan to lag behind is how less funds and resources we have to work for the betterment of the system of education and the history of corruption and injustice don’t add in a positive manner to the cause.

All this doesn’t mean Pakistan will continue to lag behind in the educational domain but the journey towards favorable outcomes is longer than anticipated if the system and resources don’t up their game in the respective fields. 

The country to move towards brighter future and superior success results needs to get over the non-elite education system with equitable standards of filling classrooms, hiring teachers and recruiting system makers. 

While looking at solutions, there is no need to fully blame government officials over the matter. Yes they have their part as the upper hands of system making committee but we have ours as responsible citizens. Our role should be to push government towards better decision and system making situations where they have no leave but to put in quality resolves and sentences. 

With that being said along with the government, the citizens are also in power to collect funds and resources for a better system of education in Pakistan. The government needs to make their ways and for the citizens, it is convenient for them to join hands with organizations and education NGOs in Pakistan to aid the educational system.

HANDs, in this field, has been working endlessly to promote education in Pakistan and to bring forwarded those sorts of communities who are lacking behind in development through education. The awareness for education in Pakistan is main goal for HANDS and the activities of giving complete information in terms of social values, norms, literacy level, educational facilities enrollment of students, teacher’s capacity of teaching, learning environment, learning facilities etc follow behind.

Join this uplifting education NGO in Pakistan to continuously help education in Pakistan reach new levels of success with each passing day. Head to to know about the contributions of HANDS in education of Pakistan and how you can out in your efforts to educate Pakistan so that it elevates Pakistan.