HANDS extends hands towards the silently suffering

Life is a precious gift and to value it is the most first and foremost way to show gratitude towards it. But with life come the ups and downs, the storms and the calms. Where the happy times make our heart content, the hard times test our strength and patience; some of us break through and some of us come under the weather.
Life has different struggles for every human and each one goes through one trouble or another, some are vocal about those and that makes it easier for them to get over each problem but some of us suffer silently. There are more people silently suffering and they suffer until they give up on life completely.
This giving up makes them take drastic steps towards suicide. Suicide has recently been very common problem amongst Pakistani society. Depression, societal pressure, personal problems and so much more can cause these suicidal thoughts to rise up. One of the causes can also be unemployment.
Pakistan is no stranger to unemployment especially while Covid19 situation has affected businesses to cut down on employee count. This whole being unemployed situation can create enough pressure and financial crisis for bread winners of the house to trigger their suicidal thoughts and urge them towards it.
Unemployment means no income to spend on family, food, health, and a lot of others things. All these things gather and increase pressure over the unemployed and this pressure pushes them towards suicidal thoughts, which is why HANDS foundation introduces their income generation program in Pakistan with free healthcare services.
This income generation program in Pakistan by HANDS foundation is an initiative that was taken in hopes to help all those suffering in silence looking for a helping hand. With this initiative, the HANDS team hopes to provide them a means of income generation that will definitely help in the stress and pressure reduction.
This initiative will also give them enough work to focus on so they drive far away from even thinking about suicide. The free healthcare services will also life a weight off their shoulders. HANDS Foundation has always been a helping hand in uplifting the Pakistani society and here is yet another contribution as they offer the income generation program in Pakistan. To get more information about HANDS and their free healthcare services visit