HANDS; Your Handy Platform To Engage In Social Services

Why should you engage in social services? 

Engaging in Social services is a great way of showing love for humanity and the creations of the almighty. Being a part of any social network is a prestige and nourishment to one’s soul. Working with an
NGO as a volunteer or donating to an NGO gives a sense of peace and contentment as there is no bigger honor than being a source of somebody’s happiness and betterment.

Being a part of the social welfare network makes you understand a lot of things about yourself, your life, and the surroundings you belong to. While working with an NGO, when you get to know about people’s problems and concerns, it reflects the true picture of society and all of these experiences make you think about how much better your life is. This makes you realize the blessings of life and makes you grounded.

There are several ways to collaborate with an NGO,  either by joining there as a volunteer or by donating whatever is accessible to you for the less fortunate. The key factor to learn is the procedure of how to donate and how to volunteer at an NGO.

The services provided by an NGO


A major role played by an NGO is the intention and effort to eradicate poverty at all possible levels, to be a means of providing income resources and helping out the individuals who can not afford to have even the necessities of life.


An amazing aspect of being a part of the best NGO in Karachi is its educational aspect. You get to educate other people by creating awareness in them regarding life and the important factors everyone should know about. 

Humanitarian Services

Being a part of the top NGO in Karachi like Hands brings you opportunities of working for the creation of the Almighty, to help them fight their problems and make their lives better.

Healthcare and Medical Services

The most heart-warming aspect of an NGO is the provision of Healthcare services and medical facilities to the less privileged to have equal rights to a good healthy life.

Human Rights

The top NGOs in Karachi fight for the rights of the people, those who ate unable to do it for themselves, who ate oppressed, and who are victims of someone’s abuse.

 How to get involved with an NGO as a volunteer or donor

Getting involved with an NGO is very important to u understand the reality of life and do whatever you can to make someone’s life better. Working with a healthcare network is not as difficult as people might think. You can easily work at an NGO for as many hours as you can easily take out of your schedule, or you can simply donate to be a part of the humanitarian services.

As far as donations are concerned, money is not the only option to go for, instead, you can also give food, clothes, blankets, clean water, the necessary hygiene products, or whatever you think might be useful for someone.

Hands, the best NGO in Karachi, brings you this amazing opportunity of being a source of someone’s happiness and comfort by offering all that you have, be it your time, your usable things, or any form of service that you are able to offer for the less privileged.

 10 ways you can contribute to society by joining an NGO

Being a part of the social welfare network, volunteering, or donating to an NGO, is a great way of being a means of someone’s ease and being a part of their prayers. Working with the best NGO in Karachi brings to you numerous opportunities to work for your society and make a change in people’s lives. 

Some of the ways by which you can contribute to the sick by joining an NGO are:

  1. By influencing people to stand for themselves.
  2. By providing  Healthcare facilities to the less fortunate.
  3. By being a means of providing income resources to the people to give them a chance of making themselves economically independent.
  4. By creating awareness among the people about human rights and animal rights.
  5. By educating people and standing against child labor and abuse. 
  6. By providing freedom to the ones subjected to domestic violence.
  7. By providing food and shelter to hopeless souls.
  8. By educating women about flame rights and giving them the confidence of standing up for themselves.
  9. By providing animal shelter services and protecting those innocent souls.
  10. By helping people in case of any calamity like floods, fire, etc.

 In what ways being a part of Hands is nourishment to one’s soul?

Working with Hands is the best way of being a medium of someone’s happiness,  freedom, and ease which gives your soul a sense of satisfaction and nourishment. The feeling of being the reason for someone’s smile is the biggest achievement of life anybody could think of.  The top NGO in Karachi, Hands provides you with different opportunities to invest your time or efforts at your convenience. 

Hands has been the best NGO in Karachi to make it easier for people who want to engage themselves in social services but don’t know how to volunteer at an NGO by creating awareness and guiding them throughout their journey of being social workers.


  1. How much time do I need to commit to volunteering at an NGO?

You can invest as much time as you can easily get out of your routine. It could be 1 or 2  hours or even the whole day. There is no such restriction on time when working for an NGO.

  1. Will I be paid for working with an NGO?

People who volunteer at an NGO get paid a salary for the work they do.

  1. What makes Hands the best NGO in Karachi?

Its efforts, dedication, selfless services, and consideration for the people, the way it treats everyone equally and does whatever is possible to make their existing condition better, is what makes Hands the best NGO in Karachi.


An NGO plays a vital role in society working for the welfare of people and making their lives better, free of difficulties by every means. Being a part of an NGO is an honor and a sense of contentment to one’s soul as it reflects the true picture of life and gives you a chance of realizing the importance of all that you have when you look at people who are less fortunate.

Hands is one of the best NGOs in Karachi, which has contributed to the betterment of society, saving many important lives and benign a ray of hope for innocent hopeless souls. Hands is the most trusted and top NGO in Karachi for Volunteering or donating. It works with the utmost dedication and has devoted all of its efforts only to the betterment of its people.