Together Let’s Fight the Flood

Devastating floods have hit Pakistan, threatening areas of Sindh and Balochistan, as well as parts of the KP and southern Punjab due to unprecedented heavy rains. The impact of this flooding is expected to manifest in terms of the severity of the devastation it causes. Many places have been flooded and some have become shelters for displaced people who lost their families, homes, and livelihoods in the rushing waters.
Damage and destruction from heavy monsoon rains and flash floods across Pakistan killed 1,569 people, injuring 12,860 seriously, submerging 2.09 million homes, killing nearly 998,407 livestock, and displacing countless numbers of displaced people. HANDS is busy collecting generous Flood donations to meet the immediate needs of flood victims and enable their quick rehabilitation. This is an opportunity to reach out to affected families and communities as they struggle to feed themselves during this time of need.
HANDS is working to rebuild the lives of the people of Balochistan and Southern Punjab which are the hardest hit areas with 230 and 345 people killed. Millions of hectares of land in Jhal Magsi, Lasbela, D.G.Khan, and Rajanpur districts are submerged and many are at risk.
The non-profit organization of HANDS’ Flood Relief team has saved lives and livelihoods by reaching out to all flood-affected areas in Pakistan, providing emergency shelters, ration packs, tarpaulin tents, and other relief supplies along with distributing hygiene kits and organizing medical camps in different regions.
HANDS has pledged to raise four billion rupees for the people affected by the flood and has achieved the target of 1.12 billion rupees. The road is long and arduous and to reach our target we anticipate your generous donation. Join hands with HANDS to ensure we fulfill our mission to provide a better quality of life to all in an equitable, humane, peaceful, and sustainable manner.
Countless families in Pakistan are left with nothing but only hope and urgently need your help. HANDS Flood Relief Appeal will surely save thousands of precious lives. Donate now to help our brothers and sisters in need.