Success Story of Dr. Zaib Taj

Zaib Taj d/o Tufail Ahmed Jumani (Rtd. Secretary Gov. Sindh) started her journey as beneficiary (user) of HANDS-DWA Independent Living Center from 15-April-2019. She was depressed & isolated in her home for 7 years because of her disability and lost her self-confidence completely She became disabled by a gunshot from police mobile which damaged her spinal cord and left her paralyzed. A qualified doctor moving independently suddenly became a totally dependent person which was a big shock along with the shock of getting divorced just after her marriage.

After 7 years of isolation and despair one of the colleague of Mr. Tufail Jumani met Zaib and observed her condition and referred her to “HANDS-DWA ILC” where she was treated as guest of honor. Dr. Zaib Taj visited the ILC she was shocked to see that a large number activist were serving humanity on a wheelchairs and have learned to live with their disabilities and making themselves useful for humanity. She received “Peer Counseling” by a Spinal Cord Peer counselor with the same disability and within few days Dr. Zaib started coming back to life. She started to teach the children with disabilities of HANDS-DWA ILC which helped to get her back in her professional life. Team HANDS-DWA ILC nominated her for the skill training for which she went to Islamabad and exhibited self- confidence as she did air travel with the support of personal attendant. She is now part of HANDS- DWA – ILC team as full time doctor.

Dr. Zaib Taj is now a role model for other women with disabilities and running women wing of HANDS-DWA ILC and a symbol of empowerment