Pay Zakat Online With Hands-Contribute to the Wellness of People

The Spirit of Zakat: Understanding the Importance of Donating to Those in Need

Zakat, a significant pillar of Islam, is the most important aspect contributing to people’s wellness. Zakat is an obligation on those that are eligible to pay it and is an unavoidable part of our lives. 

Zakat donations are meant to help those in need and create harmony in society. Serving society is our responsibility and helping the poor, the ones in need is an act of kindness. This activity is aimed at cleansing one’s heart and soul, creating a sense of respect among people.

Zakat charity in Pakistan has been made convenient by Hands, providing an online option for payment. With this digital method of payment, the entire procedure has been made the easiest for people who struggle to find an appropriate place to pay their zakat.

The Benefits of Zakat Donations 

Zakat donations make an observed difference. The societies that follow the habit of paying zakat to observe a magnificent change in their surroundings. The benefits of zakat are enormous to be confined to a few points, however, a glimpse of zakat benefits is shown below:

  • Zakat charity makes you a humble person and reflects the beauty of your soul.
  • By paying zakat you can help the ones in need, and avail the opportunity of getting mentioned in someone’s prayers.
  • Whatever amount you give in charity comes back to you getting multiplied by 10. So it’s a beneficial act for oneself as well.
  • Zakat creates harmony in society and develops a sense of brotherhood with each other.

Hands is a trusted organization at your service to encourage you for charity by providing you with the opportunities to pay zakat online. With this opportunity, the procedure of zakat charity in Pakistan has been made extremely easy. 

Making a Difference: How Your Contribution Can Help Change Lives

Your contribution holds the power of changing and saving many precautionary lives. With zakat donations, some get able to eat well, get medical help if needed, or do any other activity that needs to be done. People need your attention to them, ensuring that you ate accessible to them for their help no matter whatever the situation or the circumstances are.

The opportunity to pay zakat online has been brought to the people of Pakistan by Hands. The prestigious act of zakat charity needs to be promoted at every level to make sure that a maximum number of people engage in it and contribute to the betterment of society.

How can Hands be of assistance in paying Zakat online?

Hands have made zakat donations very convenient by introducing a way to pay zakat online. This is done to encourage the maximum number of people to charity by providing them with a trustable organization and an efficient medium of donation. By this step, a large number of people have engaged in the activity of donations and are contributing to the help of those in need by every means.

Because of Hands, the zakat donations in Pakistan have raised to a high level. People are recognizing the importance of charity and are participating in it with their hearts and souls. This is a great step toward the creation of a well-bonded community.


  1. What is Zakat?

Zakat is an Islamic term associated with financial activity. It is one of the pillars of Islam and is a great contribution to the overall society. Zakat is 2.5% of the amount of a person’s total savings that he has to donate to the poor. Mostly, people do zakat donations during the month of Ramadan. 

  1. Who is eligible to pay Zakat?

A Muslim that is an adult is sane, and has the minimum required savings (Nisab) for a complete lunar year is obliged to pay 2.5% of it as Zakat.


A society is made when everyone is willing to contribute to its development at all levels.  A significant element in building up a community is charity. Zakat is an obligatory pillar of Islam and requires to be paid every year. An adult Muslim that has the minimum threshold of required savings for over a year is eligible to pay zakat.

Hands are a trustable organization that has made the entire process extremely convenient by offering an opportunity to pay zakat online to maximize the number of zakat donations in Pakistan.