Non-Profit Organization in Pakistan—Serving the Underprivileged

It is important for us to actively participate in focusing on social problems by becoming involved in non-profit organizations that are dedicated to addressing issues, helping the underprivileged, preserving the environment, and providing essential social services to downgraded communities. 

Several non-profit organizations in Pakistan are steadfast life supporters of the Pakistani government – particularly in times of crisis. These dedicated NGOs have taken it upon themselves to effectively manage disasters by offering crucial aid such as food, temporary housing, and medical assistance during calamities like floods, earthquakes, thunderstorms, and terrorist attacks. 

Furthermore, these non-government organizations are relentlessly serving humanity by establishing free and easily accessible medical facilities for those who are the most vulnerable and in need.

Journey of Non-profit Organizations in Making a Difference

Non-profits in Pakistan are playing a significant role in making a difference in the lives of many. Their journey is constant – from providing food to education to the less privileged. They make sure that they get free educational facilities, so they develop free schools and colleges. Not only that, the role of non-profit organizations in Pakistan in empowering women is commendable. They have a focused agenda for it. 

In countries like Pakistan, non-profit organizations are life-savers to many – a great many needy people depend on them and benefit from such organizations. True joy stems from selflessly helping others. Here is a list of the top 15 non-profit organizations in Pakistan you might consider for your donation.”

The Top 15 NGOs in Pakistan

  • Hands 

HANDS stands at the forefront of non-profits in Pakistan, relentlessly dedicated to improving overall health, elevating educational status, reducing poverty, building infrastructure, and developing social institutions for the betterment of our community. HANDS is driven by a powerful mission to uplift the underprivileged.

  • Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation is the epitome of generosity and community service within Pakistan. It provides free medical camps for the underprivileged – its ambulance service is considered the largest globally; the foundation offers different service programs for various demographics.

  • Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital

At Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital, cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art machinery are used by highly qualified doctors to detect and treat all types of cancer. They are dedicated to providing vital services to those who cannot afford cancer treatment.

  • Chhipa Welfare Association

The association, with its headquarters based in Karachi, operates across the entire city, providing essential services such as ambulance service and offering free or affordable food for people with low income. 

  • TCF – The Citizens Foundation

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) has been leading and serving in the field of Education since 1995 – imparting quality education in its well-equipped schools. 

  • Ansar Burney Trust

This trust works on charity committed to fighting all types of injustice, whether it be cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment, child abuse, violence against women, or violation of human and civil rights. It works towards its mission to raise consciousness, offer free legal advice and support, and extend humanitarian assistance to those in need.

  • Darul Sukun

Dar-ul-Sukun has been a home and shelter for thousands of children and women and has worked vigorously to support and provide help to those in need.

  • Aga Khan Foundation

For over four decades, the Aga Khan Foundation has strived to improve the quality of life of people in rural areas. Together with its fellow AKDN organizations, it has successfully introduced creative initiatives to address development issues.

  • Al-Khidmat Foundation

Al-Khidmat Foundation has been active in flood relief and other disaster relief work for many years. It runs schools and orphan homes, manages clean water projects, runs ambulances, sets up medical camps, provides help to those in jail, and offers goods and supplies to those in need.

For many years, the Al-Khidmat Foundation has been passionately providing aid for flood and disaster relief. It runs orphan homes and schools, manages clean water projects,  provides ambulance services, organizes medical camps, and offers support and assistance to those in need.


It targets poverty alleviation, supports healthcare and education, and works for social development. EHSAS projects are the EHSAS library, EHSAS blood bank, EHSAS Horticulture Development Program, EHSAS Good Governance Program, and EHSAS Hepatitis Awareness and Vaccination Program. 

  • Fatimid Foundation

It helps numerous people with blood diseases; it provides healthy, fully screened blood and blood products to thousands of patients. It is a pioneer in providing safe blood transfusions to patients with thalassemia, hemophilia, and other conditions. 

  • JDC Foundation

The JDC welfare organization currently provides charitable and welfare services like:

  1. Free Mobile Restaurant In Karachi
  2. Orphanage House
  3. Free Dialysis Center
  4. Free Ambulance Services
  5. Free Educational System
  6. Free Dastarkhwan
  • Saylani Welfare Trust

The trust has an active dastarkhwan and an RO plant installation, too, focusing on the most basic needs of the underprivileged. They provide education facilities to 180,000 students yearly.

  • Akhuwat Foundation

The organization provides people with interest-free loans. It has a cloth bank that gives clothing to those in need. Moreover, their affordable health services help the needy.

  • Aman Foundation

The organization aims to develop social and economic equality. It provides education and training facilities to those who deserve them. It also has a large fleet of state-of-the-art ambulances.

The Inspiring Narrative Behind the Creation of HANDS

HANDS has come a long way since its beginning in 1979, growing excessively from a single village in the outskirts of Karachi to over 24000 villages and urban settlements. This incredible and inspiring progress is the result of the dedicated and unwavering efforts that were initiated over four decades ago. 

HANDS dedicated and earnest efforts have been put forth to the best of its abilities. The narrative doesn’t end here. It is giving heart and soul to serve humanity to the best of our capabilities. HANDS acknowledges that the contributions are just a tiny piece of the puzzle in achieving progress for Pakistan. With evidence-based interventions in the fund, HANDS is confident that collaboration among all stakeholders can scale our impact.

How Many Different Aspects of Pakistani Society Do HANDS Contribute to?

HANDS contribution to the Pakistani society is commendable. The organization has been involved in providing health services not only in just one city but also on the national level. The other noteworthy contribution is infrastructure – providing low-income housing projects and alternate energy solutions to specific settings. HANDS also provides clean, palatable water at a low cost to the underprivileged through a program called WASH. This particular program focuses on hygiene and sanitation. 

Another feather in HANDS’s hat is the literacy program that is designed specifically for early childhood development and adult education, which is carried out in not only urban but rural settlements, too. HANDS also works on income generation opportunities and skills enhancement to make the underprivileged self-sufficient and independent.


  • What is a non-profit organization?

It is an organization not driven by profit and mostly runs on charity. It has mission-oriented goals and is dedicated to serving citizens in different aspects.

  • Can an overseas Pakistani donate to HANDS?

Yes, overseas Pakistanis can donate to HANDS, contributing to healthcare, education, and community development programs.


Non-profit organizations in Pakistan play a pivotal role in addressing social issues and uplifting the underprivileged. One such leading NGO is HANDS, which is dedicated to promoting health, education, and community development. 

As we highlight the top 15 NGOs in this country, we see the powerful impact they have on various sectors, proving their unwavering dedication to making society a better place. The remarkable story of HANDS serves as a shining example of how sustained effort can bring about transformative change, underscoring the importance of joint endeavors to propel Pakistan towards progress and success.