Mukamil Khan

The 2015 earthquake in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa claimed the lives of many and left disaster in its wake. Mukamil Khan, a 30 year old resident of Dande Sundiye KPK is one of the many people whose life was uprooted due to the earthquake. Father of 2 children, one girl and one boy, Mukamil Khan works from morning to evening to make ends meet. As a contract worker he has worked on construction sites, cloth mills, and tailory. Lack of employment opportunities in his hometown has led him to work in Karachi earning up to 700 rupees and sending his earnings back home to pay for his children’s education and upbringing.

Mukamil Khan’s house that was already weak due to lack of quality construction came down completely from the earthquake leaving his children and wife homeless. His home before the earthquake was already in a bad condition due to an informal roof that led to snow and rain falling in his house, making it unlivable at times.

HANDS intervention at the town of Dande Sundiya was to provide housing to the ones who became homeless in the earthquake and provide them with financial help so that they can get back on their feet. HANDS provided the effected people with shelter, distributed money and seeds along with equipment to help them farm and earn a living in their hometown. He states that without the help of HANDS his family would have remained homeless as they could not afford to rebuild their house in 6 to 7 years due inflation. Mukamil Khan applauds HANDS and its efforts to provide housing to the people affected by the earthquake and hopes to contribute to the well-being of his community in the future.