Khud Se Khud Mukhtar; Joining HANDS to Empowering Women for a Brighter, Better Future

Why is empowering women, currently, a rising topic in the town? Around the world, women face plenty of unique challenges that hinder their growth and potential. These hindrances affect the growth of individual women and hence the entire community. 


For the sake of women’s empowerment, a number of organizations are working to make things easy. Just like others, HANDS is one non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women in Pakistan. 


The Need for Women Empowerment Campaigns in Pakistani Society

In a society like Pakistani, women still face hindrances in various aspects of life that limit their everyday participation. Such situations necessitate the need to empower women in Pakistan. 


In Pakistan, women still lack equal access to education, economic opportunities, healthcare, and social or political participation. Women empowering campaigns aim to bridge the gap between gender and necessities. 


HANDS is working very hard to empower women in Pakistan. The donations that they collect from Zakat are used as an aid for women in need. HANDS women empowerment campaign advocates for increased female participation in the economy, education, and basic rights that encourage positive transformation within the communities. 


Understanding HANDS’ Khud Se Khud Mukhtar Initiative

The greatest treasure is being self-dependent in such chaotic economic circumstances. So, what is the “khud se khud mukhtar” campaign of HANDS? It is a life-changing program specifically for women who are in need (divorced, widows, low-income resources, etc). 


This Khud se Khud Mukhtar program of HANDS is aimed at empowering women by providing them with the resources, skills, and education that they need to be independent. Zakat donations that HANDS receive are used for this noble cause. 


The initiative of HANDS is focused on providing education to women who have never been to school. Also, to teach economic independence by making them learn different skills like embroidery, tailoring, or soft skills as online working to already educated women. This khud se khud mukhtar program also focuses on providing micro-loans to women for small businesses and also on spreading awareness regarding nutrition and hygiene. 


Exploring the Intended Impact of Khud Se Khud Mukhtar Campaign by HANDS

HANDS Khud se khud mukhtar initiative aims to create a positive impact not just on the individual women themselves but also on their families and communities ultimately Pakistan’s development. 


HANDS is achieving many of its initiatives including education and knowledge improvement, confidence, and social change. Here’s how:


  • HANDS is equipping women with vocational training and decision-making power to allow them to provide their families better.
  • HANDS understands that literacy is the best way of empowering women with confidence, so they are providing education, health, and hygiene benefits in needed areas. 
  • HANDS is also aiding women in providing economic independence so they can advocate for their rights. 


HANDS realizes that empowering women is critical not just as an aspect of justice but also for the overall development of a community. 


Why Give Your Zakat Donations to HANDS this Ramadan?

Ramadan is the month of purifying your wealth and supporting those in need. This year, consider HANDS for your zakat donations and be a part of empowering women in Pakistan. Here’s why HANDS is the justifiable choice for zakat donations in Ramadan


  • Helping The Needy:

HANDS prioritizes providing resources to underprivileged women. Your donations will empower them to become self-sufficient, lifting themselves and their families out of poverty.


  • Promoting Social Justice: 

HANDS Khud se Khud Mukhtar program combats gender disparity by providing education and healthcare access to women. Your Zakat fosters social justice and empowers a marginalized group. 


  • Focus on Sustainability: 

HANDS equips women with skills and resources for long-term self-sufficiency. You Zakat can be an investment in a brighter future for these women and their communities. 


However, the decision of Zakat is a personal one. But by understanding HANDS’ khud se khud mukhtar initiative, you can see how your Zakat donations in Ramadan can be used in empowering women and lasting a positive change. 



  • What is women empowerment?

Women empowerment is when women are provided the power and opportunities to achieve their goals, have equal rights, and make their own decisions. 


  • Which NGO in Pakistan accepts zakat donations in Ramadan from outside Pakistan?

HANDS NGO in Pakistan accepts zakat donations in Ramadan from outside Pakistan.



In conclusion, empowering women is an investment towards a brighter future. By supporting organizations like HANDS and their initiatives like Khud Se Khud Mukhtar, you can contribute to a world where women have the tools and resources to reach their full potential. Remember, every contribution, big or small, has the power to make a difference.