Charity and Islam Go Hand In Hand

Amongst the fundamental teachings of Islam, charity stands at a very high place. In Quran, Allah informs His people that:

“You will never attain piety until you spend out of what you hold dear, and whatever you may spend on anything, Allah indeed knows it.”


Charity is related to the virtue of generosity and generosity is one virtue that needs absolute pure cultivation inside a person to remove greed and worldly desires. It is what one needs to truly connect and commit to humanity and that is exactly what Allah needs in His beings.

The sole message of Islam is to live selflessly and return to Allah in the most pious form of ourselves. The very basic of a righteous Muslim involves him/her being charitable and taking care of those in need of it whether it is financial, physical, or verbal. This is nowhere near possible without being charitable and clean from the inside out.

Zakat; being the third pillar of Islam is the pure depiction of cleansing our souls and being charitable meaning that in Islam, charity is the very concept of zakat. Another purpose of the entire concept of Zakat is to let the blessed share their blessing with the ones in need so the people aren’t divided instead the society is built upon equality.

Pakistan being a Muslim country is known to be one of the very giving countries around the world in terms of charities; Zakat in Pakistan is received in high numbers but what bothers people here is that the ones in dire need should receive their zakat donations hence this is where Hands organization assists the giving people of Pakistan.

Hands organization being a non-profit organization helps in the proper distribution of the Zakat donation in Pakistan. Following the path of Islam and providing that helping hand to the society has always been the main aim for Hands organization which is why every year the organization assists 18,00,000 patients for healthcare, 20,000 families to gain shelter, 1,50,000 students for education, 20,000 people towards self-employment and much more.

People from all over Pakistan and the overseas Pakistanis also contribute to the notion with their zakat donations. With a network of 35 branches across the country and easy online zakat donations method Hands organization involves loads of people in the good deeds and people deliberately join in.

You’re welcome to join hands with Hands organization for the good of the society with your generous zakat donations, all you have to do is visit, follow the method shown, and do your part.