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About Us

Welcome to HANDS

HANDS was founded by Prof. A. G. Billoo (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) in 1979. HANDS has evolved in 42 years as one of the largest Non-Profit organizations of the country. We have an integrated development approach and disaster management expertise. HANDS has a network of 35 branches across the country and has access to more than 29 million population more than 21,000 villages/settlements in 59 districts of Pakistan. HANDS strength is 15 volunteers Board Members, > 10,000 workforce and thousands of community based volunteers of more than 6,300 partner organizations.



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Founder's Message

HANDS in last twenty five years (1994 – 2018) has managed 768 projects with the average of 60 per year. HANDS has directly benefitted during the same period more than 39 Million persons with Health, Education, Community Infrastructure, Livelihood, Water and Sanitation. HANDS invested grant of Rs. 18 billion for these services. We maintained our services by average in 50 districts annually.

Our annual profile is an attempt to share the experiences of last 40 years and Best Practice models of each program. We at HANDS have successfully applied these models in our areas for our communities. These models are offered here to all the developing organizations to take advantage from our experiences and replicate these models in their respective intervention areas. We are providing this opportunity for others to learn from our lessons and success stories in the process of implementation and not to go through the same learning cycle through which we have gone in all these years.

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In addition to above mentioned projects, HANDS is a non profit organization in Pakistan that is working on developing 25,000 models integrated villages and settlements in 33 districts of Pakistan. We have set our targets for year 2030 and the benchmarks are based at current status of national health, education and poverty indicators (as stated in nationwide surveys). We intend to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) well before 2030.

In order to make this happen all the district offices of HANDS have been equipped with technical, intellectual, and object oriented manpower, we believe that this is the way to make our work truly sustainable and to translate our vision more vigorously. With the most professional staff and their energy, dynamism, and enthusiasm for HANDS and the work that we do remain a constant source of support for us, as does the faith of our donors, to whom we are grateful, not just the funding they provide but for the opportunities that they give us, to learn, to get our message out to a wide and diverse audience and marginalized communities and for helping us towards our long term goal of achieving greater independent sustainability. Being a leading non profit organization in Pakistan, HANDS is delivering services in Health, Education, Livelihood, Water, Sanitation, Infrastructure, and Disaster Risk Reduction from Karachi to Chitral.

We are looking forward to complementing our service delivery and mobilization program with a degree awarding “HANDS-Institute of Development Studies”. This institute will help us not only in improving our quality of services but bridge the gap in professional classroom teaching, training and community issue at the grass root level.

HANDS is among the Top 10 NGOs in Pakistan. We believe whatever we have done is a sincere and devoted effort, made up to our maximum capacity. However, we understand that our work is a drop in ocean.

There is a lot of work to be done to bring Pakistan in the line of developed and prosperous countries, that is why we believe in “replication of HANDS Models” with the help of all development partners. However, we are confident that HANDS’ efforts will go long way in getting a sustainable target set by the country. We pray to Almighty Allah to give us more courage, potential, and capabilities to serve humanity which is our ultimate goal.