The HANDS Institute of Development Studies

The HANDS Institute of Development Studies (HANDS-IDS) is a degree awarding institute based in Karachi, sponsored by HANDS Pakistan. The HANDS Institute of Development Studies Bill 2023, passed by the Provincial Assembly of Sindh and assented to by the Governor of Sindh, marks a crucial step in the institute’s formal recognition. It is published as Act no. XXXIX of 2023 and recognized by the Federal and Provincial Higher Education Commissions.

HANDS-IDS is a unique Academic institution established by the largest Non-Profit Organization. HANDS. It addresses a critical gap in the academic and research landscape specifically in Pakistan’s socio-economic and politico-development sectors, emphasizing inclusivity, skill development and education. The institution aspires to contribute significantly to the country’s overall development particularly by nurturing a generation capable of driving positive change. The HANDS IDS Fellow will get the opportunity to learn in the classroom environment while exposing to the ground realities of communities by participating in community development.

The Institute is located on a purpose-built campus spreading over 3.5 acres of land with a healthy environment and green scenic views. This is the main Campus, and in the future, under its expansion plan, the institute may have its constituent Units / Campuses all over Pakistan and abroad under the relevant laws.

HANDS-IDS understands the grave issue of climate change and global warming and encourages climate smart programming throughout its interventions. Similarly, IDS has been designed to keep its carbon footprint low. From the innovative design of buildings to make best use of natural air and light to the 180 KW solar system, which has been designed to cater to the power needs of the campus. Over 11,000 trees have been planted on the premises. The premises include a kilometer-long jogging track and external and internal gyms for students’ physical fitness and faculty. The institute is equipped with Information Technology and three nursing labs as per Pakistan Nursing Council requirements. The institute has state of the art auditorium, library and several classrooms as per the student’s needs.

The vision of HANDS IDS is a Sustainable Global Society. Its mission is to bring an innovative and in-depth approach to research and high-quality teaching on the subjects of societal concern that transforms peoples’ lives to create development leaders.

HANDS – IDS currently has two Faculties of Management and Development Sciences (FMDS) and the faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (FMDS), its Faculty of Management and Development Sciences (FMDS), offers five degree programs under the Department of Business and Development Studies including a Bachelor in Business, a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance, and a BS in Development Studies. The three programs are offered initially by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (FHMS) and College of Nursing including Generic BS Nursing, Post RN Bachelor of Nursing (2 years) and Community Midwives (2 years) as mentioned in the following chart.

Chief Executive HANDS presenting the souvenir to Governor of Sindh

Governor signing the HANDS IDS Bill 2023

The Rector has constituted the Board of Studies of Department of Business Administration, Department of Development Studies and College of Nursing as well as Board of Faculty FMDS of HANDS-IDS. The 1st meeting of BoS and BoF was held on 27th November 2023 and 30th November 2023 respectively.

Academic Council

The honorable Chancellor has constituted the Academic Council, as per Act no. XXXIX of 2023 of the Legislature of Sindh. The 1st meeting of Academic Council was held on 4th December 2023.

Board of Governors

The honorable Chancellor has constituted the Board of Governors of The HANDS-IDS, as per Act no. XXXIX of 2023 of the Legislature of Sindh. The 1st meeting of Board of Governors was held on 16th December 2023.

An inspection team from HEC Islamabad visited The HANDS IDS on 11th January 2024 and conducted a meticulous physical inspection of the Institute’s academic curriculum, programs, infrastructure, and facilities. This visit has validated the Institute’s capability and capacity to deliver academic programs of the highest standards, late HEC Islamabad has issued No Objection Certificate as per requirement.

The HANDS-IDS’ is launching its inaugural batch in the two departments and CoN in Spring 2024. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards academic excellence and innovation.

The HANDS IDS launching the following higher degree programs in the areas of Development Studies and Business Administration and other disciplines soon:

  • Master of Sciences (MS);
  • Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.);
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA); and
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) the minimum of completion of PhD is 3 years (6 semesters) and the maximum duration is 5 years;
  • A Service Development Program will also be designed for the Nursing discipline to attract candidates seeking interest in new approaches to nursing.

Looking ahead, HANDS-IDS aims to expand academic programs, introducing market-oriented disciplines such as Computer Science, Pharmacy, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and Analytics, aligning them with both emerging market demands and societal needs.

Other than the degrees, the Institute will also be launching Diplomas and Certificate courses in the fields of human resources development, management, business, etc. aligning with 21st-century business strategies and catering to a diverse range of durations and specializations. These programs will be customized based on the specific requirements of corporate sectors and banking professionals in target market for the success of these training initiatives.

Additionally, The HANDS IDS will be partnering with industry experts and organizations for enhancing further credibility to these programs.

HANDS-IDS believes in the power of collaboration and is set to establish partnerships with the University of Sussex, UK and other universities in China, Malaysia, Turkey, Germany, Canada, UK, the US and more. Collaborative efforts will include student exchanges, credit transfers, faculty development, joint degree programs and research projects.

In the future, drawing from its extensive experience and commitment to excellence, the institute aims to elevate its academic stature. It envisions increasing the number of faculty and departments, aspiring to become a full-fledged University specializing in development studies, business administration and more, recognized and accredited by national and international authorities.

In summary, the HANDS Institute of Development Studies is poised to become a beacon of academic excellence, shaping the future leaders in development studies, business and beyond.