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We have heard that teamwork gets a better result but we experienced and got the success in return.

Village Kamal Dero is sited in the Union Council Kamal Dero. It is 23 km distant from the District Gambat and 38 km far away from the District Khairpur. Kamal Dero village having a population of 280 residents. In which 64 are women, 67 are men and 149 children. Kamal Dero village consists of a total of 60 households. In which 38 are the house having the facility of latrines, whereas 22 homes do not have latrines in their houses.

In the start community did not even listen. So, the health worker team from the Kamal Dero village decided to meet the villagers with the collaboration of VWC. The Village Wash Community (VWC) formed and started campaign to aware community of Kamal Dero village which were hard to communicate but they continued their practice and worked well. The VWC and health workers was responsible for taking care of the WASH interventions and ensuring health practices in the village in the collaboration of HANDS team.

It was such an enormous task to gather all the villagers in one place because people are not like to do this. So, the day of Friday has been decided to meet people. At the time of the Friday prayer, the health workers and VWC gathered in front of the mosque. As soon as the prayer ended, the villagers came from the mosque. They gather all the villagers to sit in another place.

Kamal Dero village is one in those villages that has unavailability of latrines. Due to this terrible condition, many villagers were determined by various harmful diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria. The committee helped poor families to construct pit latrines and train school children about hand washing and toilet use. They delivered session on hand washing with soap.

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The union of VWC/CRP/ Health workers continues trying to help those who need support.

VWC members, with the collaboration of health workers of the Kamal Dero village, went to the Sukkur commissioner ‘’ Mr. Shafique Mahessar’’ and requested for funded to install the drainage system in village and also arranged community meetings to motivate people to use latrines, keeping the commissioners updated on their activities. He was also interested in sanitation issues.

Continues meetings with Commissioner Sukkur division VWC union successful achieved result that he approved the bill in order to install the proper drainage system in Kamal dero village and provide adequate latrines for them. After many meetings the 1,20,00,000 bill was passed and drainage work started.

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The Community Recourse Person (CRP) Rubina, she is an active female member. She helped a lot to induct the requisite drainage system in the village. Eventually, the hard work paid off, and with the combined effort and the hard work of the teamwork of VWC, CRP, and WASH health workers, SO, Kamal Dero village established the proper drainage system for their villagers. With the help of the strong mobilization skills, this burdensome task has been accomplished. In that manner, it is such an achievement for us that Kamal Dero is the first village to make ODF. The people of that village glad to have the sustained drainage system on their premises. They respect and thanks for our team.

hands Infrastructure program in Pakistan