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Study Tour
Study Tour

Name of School: EMO Schools Project
Profile of the Target: Study Tour


Study tour is a major educational element. The importance of educational excursions is giving students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, Team building, Team work, and improve communication skills, experience new environments and enjoy days away from the classroom and it’s emphasize on experiential learning. In this trip students from VIII, IX & X has been participated along with HM, SC, Teachers and SMC members.

Educational trips are a perfect platform for students to bond, not only with their own peers but also with the teachers and adults who accompany them in a new environment. Such trips help children to open up, socialize and get to know each other better outside the classroom. Students get to team up with their classmates whom they might not be familiar with, for activities which require them to reach a given goal.

Study tours help immensely in improving a student’s life skills such as problem-solving abilities because they get better at decision making and also develop more confidence and communication skills.

Success Brief

We had took this trip as a challenge because it’s never before happened in HANDS history that students travel from one province to another province for a week. Another achievement girl’s students allowed to accompany with their one Parent (Mother/Father) and SMC members were also the part of this tour.

We have encourages students to learn through experience by exploring different places through this visit and students explored many historical and famous places of Lahore and Islamabad city such as Iqbal Park, Shahi Qila, Shahi Masjid, Shalimar Bagh, Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore city and they have been to
LUMS it helps them for their career selection and identify opportunities in term of institute selection
And find out Future Avenue and they also visited their Library and their five school buildings.

University briefed them about all five schools and programs which they are offering there and briefed about available scholarship opportunities which they are offering to deserving students.Students of grade IX and X are the target audience for National outreach program of LUMS students may approach for this great opportunity.

In Islamabad students explored Faisal Mosque, Lok Virsa Museum, Pir Sohawa, Lake View Park and outside view of Secretariat building, cabinet, Supreme Court.

Accommodation Students never been to out of city so it was a great exposure for them to visit out of province and explored so many places and for accommodation our admin team try their level best to provide comfort they had enjoyed accommodation at Al Safina Hotel and Pothohar Hotel.
The hotel staff were really polite and patient. The rooms are nice and clean.”

hands Study Tour
hands Study Tour
hands Study Tour


Three schools were participated in whole trip and number of participants were 75 so it was quiet difficult to manage the Namaza, Lunch and dinner because we had lunch and dinner at so restrooms is always full and the students were found in waiting line. All participants belongs from different location so their choices are different.

The Problem

Rooms allocation to all participants includes Teachers, Students, Parents, SMC Members, District Staff and Head office staff.

The Solution

Finalize list according to participant’s nature attitude and behavior.

The Impact

Cultural observation inspiring them to work towards change. Study tour develop a passion for travel and students might be decide to study abroad to more thoroughly immerse themselves in different cultures. They may also be more likely to travel independently in the future, continuing to broaden their understanding of the world. Some students might even realize their passion for learning about other cultures, and turn it into a career. On long term basis such excursions may improve student’s social skills and critical thinking abilities outside of the controlled class setting.

hands Study Tour
hands Study Tour
hands Study Tour
hands Study Tour
hands Study Tour
hands Study Tour

First we have submit concept note to the Director EMO Schools Project and he had discussed the same with Chief Executive after their final approval we were disclose the plan with School and share the selection criteria and collect nomination from the school.

Selection criteria for Students

• Best Attendance record and ensure punctuality.
• Best Results of Test Plan -1 (2019-20), (Highest percentage)
• Maintain cleanliness and always in school uniform
• Fathers’ CNIC
• Copy of B-Form
• Interest/consent form will be filled by parents and duly
signed by Schools’ government HM & SMC.

Selection criteria of Teachers

• Best Attendance record and ensure punctuality.
• Best Results of students in Test Plan -1 (2019-20), in their
teaching subject.
• Follow schools’ rules & regulations
• Follow dress code
• Fathers’ CNIC
• Interest/consent form will be filled by parents and duly
signed by Schools’ government HM & SMC.
• Original CNIC

According to the mentioned criteria finalize following number:

Nomination for Study Tour
S.NoNomination for Study TourStudentsTeachersSchool StaffParentsDistrict StaffHead office staffTotal
1GHS Bhellar743120341429
2GHS Kamal Khan094020102523
3GHS Pir Essa283112002423

We had traveled in first week of December after midterm examination, so we didn’t miss too much school time and the weather was pleasant not too much cold.

Condition and guideline for tour

  • The event would be considered as study tour; the organizer will provide you transportation, accommodation and three time meals. Any extra cost, purchases, visit or personal expenses are not borne by HANDS.
  • Organizer would provide the transport/travelling, 03 time meals, accommodation and sight-seeing as per the provided itinerary during the visit.
  • This should be considered as an official trip and the per-diem policy would not be applicable.
  • Spouse or children of staff are not allowed by HANDS during the visit.
  • The provision of accommodation facilities will be decided by the organizers and all the participants have to cooperate with the organizer during the whole trip.
  • As the place selected for the exposure visit is a standard place therefore your complete fitness is highly desirable during the trip in order to safe all from any harm/problem.
  • Participants who are affected from allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, lung diseases, disability, injury or any other severe disease, they are requested to please inform organizers of the event prior to the trip. Special permission is required for them. Such type of participants is required to keep their complete medical kit which include all medicines prescribe by doctor along with official prescription.
  • Considering it as journey so everyone must carry his/her own baggage (only backpack/shoulder bags) & everyone has to help each other during the trip.
  • Each one must have suitable clothing (04 dresses, winter jacket/sweaters, 3 pair of socks, winter caps) and pair of joggers (mandatory) for the visit with other necessary things for the visit which safe them from any emergency weather conditions. No jewelries are allowed during travel.
  • Other than clothing you need to carry towel, toothpaste, tooth brush, comb, soap.
  • Distribution of food and accommodation would be made in groups (if required).
  • All participants are required to follow the instructions giving by the group leader during the trip.
  • Once the nomination is finally accepted by you this would be considered final confirmation.
  • Complete traveling is at your own risk; everyone has to ensure the safety of all and HANDS will not be responsible for any unfavorable circumstance during traveling.
  • For any unlawful acts by individual, HANDS-Pakistan will not own their responsibilities.
  • Everyone must carry the CNIC. You are allowed to carry all legal things which are not banned by law enforcing agencies (no arms/ammunitions or any kind of drugs, etc. are allowed)
  • Everyone are bound to follow the discipline of the visit as you all will represent HANDS Pakistan during the tour.
  • The amount of your package would be borne by HANDS as mentioned in the agreement with travel agent and any extra amount consumed by the participant would be charged to the participant.
  • You all need to follow the guidelines issue by HANDS Management.

Thirty students of grade X from all EMO School (15 boys & 15 girls), girl’s students accompany with their one parent (Mother/Father), 25 teaching staff along with HM, and five management staff (district and Head office) total group of 75 persons will participate in this trip. Students and Teachers selection criteria has been set.


It’s a guided tour, Students of grade X accompany with their parents. Head office and district team will be participate as a guide, mentor and supervisor. HO team is responsible to prepare Short duration sessions and these session will conduct during travelling time.

Travel plan

DayActivityDateSuggested places for visit
Day 1Travel from Sukkur to Lahore3rd December 2019
Day 1Night stay at Lahore3rd December 2019



Day 2


Lahore Tour



4th  December 2019

Shalamar Bagh, Shahi Qila, Badshahi Masjid, Mazar-e-Iqbal, Wazir Khan Hammam, Gurudwara Dera Sahib, Anarkali’s Tomb, Alamghiri Gate, Shahi Guzargah, Lahore Museum
Day 2Night Stay at Lahore4th  December 2019
Day 3Travel from Lahore to Islamabad5th  December 2019




Day 3


Islamabad Tour



5th  December 2019

Rawal Dam, Allama Iqbal Open University,NUST ,LokVirsa Museum, Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument, Shakar Pariyan, Saidpur Village, Margalla hills and Daman-e-Koh Park., Pir Sohawa, Monnal
Day 4Travel from Islamabad to Sukkur6th  December 2019 
hands Study Tour
hands Study Tour in Lahore and Islamabad