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IDEAS services are committed to providing Low-income housing projects with good quality infrastructure and alternate energy solutions to the target population.




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Service Models

Low Cost Shelter

Low-cost shelters are a game-changer in disaster relief efforts. Families that cannot afford to rebuild their houses can easily be protected through these shelters. So far, we have spent PKR 3.30 billion on constructing 88,267 shelters to date of which 1916 shelters were constructed in 2020-21.

hands Infrastructure program in Pakistan
hands shelter program in Pakistan
hands Infrastructure program in Pakistan

Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) Schemes

HANDS realizes the importance of infrastructure for the basic functioning of communities. Our CPI schemes provide street pavements, link roads, hand pumps, gravity water supply, sewerage, and energy. HANDS has engaged in the construction and renovation of schools, building flood protection walls, and culverts. 2,634 CPI schemes have been completed. These consist of 250 storage tanks, 28 school renovations, 2,351 other schemes, play area, link roads, and small bridges.

Communication Schemes

HANDS improves the telecommunication and transportation structures within this service. We have helped open new horizons for economic and human resource development. For instance. the 207 jetty facilities built by HANDS for coastal communities enable easy transportation of people and goods.

hands Infrastructure program in pakistan

Alternate Energy Schemes

Electrical power is required in almost all of our daily activities unfortunately, it is either not available or is in great shortfall. To combat this situation, HANDS – IDEAS has come up with best practice model of small scale alternate energy generation schemes.

hands Sustainable Development program
hands Sustainable Development program

HANDS believes strongly in the rights of communities for access to clean and cost efficient energy. Most parts of Pakistan experience severe shutdowns and power outages due to a fragile network and low production. To overcome this. alternate energy solutions like solar. micro-hydel can be beneficial. Most of HANDS offices around Pakistan don’t rely on the grid and are completely solar powered. Our Head Office in Karachi gets its electricity from a 120 KW solar plant.
Alternate energy solutions in rural communities are not only cost efficient but save families from health issues caused by smoke-producing kerosene lanterns which are also a fire-hazard.

Energy Efficient Stoves (EES)

HANDS has introduced Energy Efficient Stoves in intervened areas of Pakistan, which can be made easily from local material available in the village. Energy Efficient Stove can be used for cooking, space heating and to get multiple uses with the same amount of fire wood at a time. The EES emits less smoke and therefore, equally good for health. The Energy Efficient Stove was initially designed to reduced consumption of fuel wood, therefore, it was tested that it consume less fuel wood as compare to traditional open ended stoves.

HANDS has launched EES intervention in intervene areas and our technical team has conducted trainings of local community members especially women and activists on Energy Efficient Stoves (EES).

hands sustainable energy program in Pakistan

Success Story

Saleh Khan

HANDS Pakistan has been committed to helping underprivileged communities progress…

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