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Education & Literacy

Education & Literacy

Education & Literacy

Education & Literacy

The ultimate goal of HANDS Education and Literacy service is to promote education for human and institutional development. Some of the initiatives that we have undertaken include Public-Private Partnerships, Non-Formal Education, Scholars Academies, Early Childhood Development, and Adult Literacy Programs.In 2020-21, HANDS carried out 25 education-related projects in 16 districts and 2,837 villages and urban settlements.




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Service Models

Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

This program targets children from 3-8 years of age from impoverished backgrounds. The aim is to support children’s overall personality development sustainably. in a safe learning environment. To ensure the provision of quality education, teachers are trained in ECD methods. The initiative also includes traditional birth attendant training. We also support communities in bringing up responsible and caring citizens.


The objectives of ECD model are to:

  • Improve confidence and creativity of target group.
  • Improve social and emotional behavior of children.
  • Improve access and quality of teaching and learning.
  • Decrease dropout rates and grade repetition.
  • Increase timely school enrollment.
  • Increase school completion rates.
  • Improve parent child relationships.
hands Early Childhood Development program (ECD)

Multi-grade Teaching

Multi-grade teaching occurs in primary education when a teacher has to teach two or more primary school student grades in the same classroom. More general term and probably more accurate is that multi-grade teaching refers to the teaching of students of different ages, grades and abilities in the same group and same classroom.

Hands Education and Literacy program in pakistan


  • There will be less effort for a teacher and less money to spend in preparing visual aids because the teacher can utilize the visual aids for the entire class of multi-grade.
  • The students will develop socializing skills because they will be dealing and interacting with their classmates which is higher or lower grade level than them.
  • The students will learn advance topics especially lower grade level students.

Scholars Academy

The HANDS Scholars Academy Model ensures quality education for all. HANDs signs an Moll with philanthropists and the District Government/Education Department before intervening in selected schools and improves the quality of education by training teachers, school management committees. raising awareness in the community about education, and implementing a holistic approach of school management. The classes are from pre-primary to grade five – focusing on Early Childhood Development The schools have water, electricity/alternative energy, separate bathrooms for girls and boys, furniture, and safe play areas – all amenities that local schools don’t have,

Public Private Partnership

The Government of Sindh has outsourced 20 schools to HANDS which are known as Education Management Organization (EMO) and are considered as part of our Public-Private Partnership model. The schools are located in Karachi. Larkana. Dadu. Sukkur. and Khairpur.

HANDS regulady enhances the management and administrative skills of both teachers as well as non-teaching staff of the EMOs by holding Continuous Professional Development sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to enrich the teaching staffs content knowledge of the relevant subjects as well as to modernize the teaching and learning process. Training to enhance teachers’ pedagogical skills include the use of tools. teaching methodology. and alternate learning mechanisms.

GHS Bhellar Taluka Pano Aqil, District Sukkur.
GHS Kamal Khan Khan Indhar, Taluka Pano Aqil, District Sukkur.
GHS Pir Essa Taluka, Gambat, District Khairpur.

Child Education


Following are the objective of Program:

  • To provide quality education in remote areas of Sindh through academic enhancement, health education and providing life skill educations to make students long lives learners.
  • To Build the capacity of school existing staff and new hiring to uplift the teaching and learning process
  • To develop school management plan to monitor and supervise the government school in an effective manner.
  • To make parent as partners’/community engagements in the development of school.
  • Advocacy for awareness of the importance of education which results in enhanced enrollment.

HANDS launched Continuous Professional Development to enhance management / administrative skills of non-teaching staff, as well as, enrich teaching staff’s content knowledge of the relevant subjects and enhance their teaching pedagogical skills using a variety of tools, teaching methodology and alternate learning mechanisms to modernize the learning process.

The focus of this Component (CPD) is firmly on results – the benefits that professional development can bring you in the real world. HANDS Education program has conducted 32 trainings in session 2018-2019 on different topics and trained 1579 staff (Project staff, Primary & Secondary Teachers, admin & support staff) on different topics HANDS Education Program team in PPP Node Education Project is responsible to ensure formative and Summative assessments in each academic year.

Formative assessment: is an ongoing assessment it refers to a wide variety of methods to evaluate student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a lesson, unit, or course.

Summative assessment: Evaluate student learning, skill acquisition, and academic achievement at the end of academic session/School year. Under EMO Schools Project, GHS Bhellar, Kamal Khan Indhar and Pir Essa successfully completed their first academic session 2018-2019 in Formative Assessment I & II 56% and 73% passed out and in Summative Assessment I & II 62% and 76% passed out.

hands Early Childhood Development program (ECD)

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