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Consultant to develop Complaint Management Software for LGD Sindh

HANDS required Consultant
to develop Complaint Management Software for
Local Government Department Sindh- LGD Sindh


Water Governance and Capacity Building Support- Jacobabad


  1. Background:


Beginning in 2014, USAID/Pakistan financed the Municipal Services Program-Sindh (MSP-S) in Jacobabad City that had three components: (1) water and sanitation infrastructure upgrades; (2) civic engagement for inclusive governance; and (3) establishment of management information systems. As a result of the program, water supply system of Jacobabad city has already been built/ upgraded under the USAID grant for the Municipal Services Program. The program is also providing Technical Assistance to Local Government & HTP Department Sindh in to improve the exiting services and knowledge base.


Recently, the Local Government & HTP Department Sindh has established a complaint cell at secretariate level to address the issues related to the municipal services. In this regard, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has allocated the four-digit number helpline 1,093. The call center operators, focal persons at district and taluka level have also been nominated and deployed by the department. Considering the existing requirement of cell, the department intends to use the information technology for smooth functioning of complaint management system.


HANDS under the USAID’s Water Governance and Capacity Building Program- WGCB intends to hire a team of consultants to develop a Complaint Management Software- SMC for LG&HTP Department with the close coordination of the department and WGCB team.   Through the intervention of the Complaint/grievances and feedback Management Information System; the Government of Sindh would like to:

  1. Ensure that public grievances are addressed on time.
  2. Have a geographic and demographic data of the most troubling areas.


The consultant will development and implement a robust Cloud-based Complaint and Feedback management information System to be used by the call center agents and other concern officers of the local government. The centralized MIS should provide real-time access to multiple users based on their permission granted by the system administrator.

This MIS should be Integrated System providing a single platform for citizens of the province to log, monitor and escalate their grievances. It converges versatile mode of communication like Mobile, SMS, Email & Website to register, track, and resolve grievances. It helps in collating citizen’s grievances and channelizing their problem solving.



  1. Scope of work:


The scope of work under the contract is mainly:

  1. Development and implementation of the Complaint & Feedback Management information system.
  2. The MIS should be online, centralized and over the cloud technologies.
  3. The MIS should allow multiple users to login with their designated usernames and passwords to perform specific tasks.
  4. A flexible workflow to be defined by the department.
  5. The MIS should include database for complaint registration, grievance redressal, and public feedback.
  6. The platform will collate and process complaints from different channels such as walk-In, Mail, E-mail, Phone call, or through any other medium.
  7. The platform should maintain data of the complaints received, redressal provided, and beneficiary feedback.
  8. The system should have an intuitive dashboard with required indicators.
  9. The system should generate periodical reports on complaints, feedbacks and redresses.
  10. Provide the training to users at the call center and those who will be involved in updating status and managing reports.
  11. To dispose a particular request or complaint, only the concerned official can update the database either through sending SMS, email or from the web portal. If no action is initiated by the concerned official, the ICT tool automatically escalate the complaint to the higher action taking authorities. It also has built in MIS for administrators to identify the performance of their offices and officers there in for taking preventive actions.
  12. A robust data management and data analysis tool.
  13. Should be scalable, user-friendly, based on the latest trends with UI and UX.
  14. Should be modifiable in design to accommodate change of data sources without excessive effort or cost.
  15. Provides relevant, concise, reliable, and complete data related to all desired indicators.
  16. Includes stringent data security, data protection and data privacy measures.
  17. Should be synched with Mobile Applications, web, and other sources.
  18. The system should enable user account creation for user specific access to the system and dashboards, ensuring the correct user audience and security of data.
  19. Will accommodate both Strategic/ Executive Dashboards, that provide an overall state of the business and all KPIs, and Analytical Dashboards, with drill-down functionalities into KPIs as well as other indicators and sub-indicators on each dashboard or tab.
  20. Should enable row-level access security so that specific users can be given access to view data only relevant to them.
  21. User security and user access rights will be maintained as configured at all times.
  22. Should allow drill-down and filtering for data types and data points associated with all indicators.
  23. Should be designed to be available and easily viewable on both the desktop/ laptop computers and the mobile phones.
  24. Must enable downloading of data in Excel and downloading of visuals in picture format (JPG, PNG etc.) for dissemination and sharing.
  25. Should have visuals that are simple and easy to interpret.
  26. The use of dashboard reports should be easy to learn, and the filters should be uncomplicated.
  27. Should be functional on low-speed data/ Wi-fi connectivity.
  28. The MIS should be developed on an Open-Source technology to avoid heavy licensing costs.
  29. Should be able to keep historical information of entire data and changes.
  30. Should be able to run latest and widely available browsers and systems. Any limitations to the browsers or environments which arise later on would be resolved by vendor without cost.


  • Proposed level of effort- LOE
S# Deliverable Lead Consultant

(Working Days)

Co- lead Consultant

(Working Days)

1 Submission of Workplan 1 1
2 The complaint & Feedback Information System with source code and Database 20 20
3 Cloud sever infrastructure with up and running hosted MIS 05 05
4 User Guide in English, Urdu, and Sindhi.

User, admin, and Management Training.

Project Reports with ERD Diagram.

04 04
Total 30 30


  1. Milestones:

The milestones, means of verification, level of effort and the timelines are as under:

Milestone Task Means of Verification Level of Effort in working days Timeline
MS 01 Submission of Workplan


Document/ Approved by the WGCB Lead-01


working days

Within 5 working days from the signing of the contract
MS 02 The complaint & Feedback Information System with source code and Database Software with source code Lead-20

Co-Lead-20 working days

Within 35 working days after the 1st Milestone
MS 03 Cloud sever infrastructure with up and running hosted MIS Document/ Approved by the WGCB Lead-05

Co-Lead-05 working days

Within 20 working days after the 2nd Milestone
MS 04 User Guide in English, Urdu, and Sindh, training of User, admin, and Management, Report with ERD diagram Guidebooks, training reports Lead-04

Co-Lead-04 working days

Within 5 working days after the 3rd Milestone


The submission of milestones will be considered as an incomplete document and not approved until the 100% ratification of queries raised by HANDS or USAID.


This consultancy is scheduled to run from August 1st, 2021, to September 30th, 2021,



  1. Required Skills and Experience
  • Consultant should have proven at least 5 years overall experience in designing IT platforms (such as dashboards or MIS systems) of similar scale.
  • Must have experience developing similar system for local governments.
  • Have at least 2 successful implementation of Complaint/grievance management systems for Government of Sind.


  1. Guideline for submission of Proposal:
  2. Interested consultant / Consulting firm can apply through submission of hard copies of technical and financial proposal in two separate sealed envelopes at following address by 28th July 2021 at 5:00pm.

Head of Department

HANDS Human Resource and Institutional Development Department

Plot #158, Off M9 (Karachi – Hyderabad) Motorway, Gadap Road adjacent Baqai University, Karachi, Pakistan
Tel: +92-21-32120400-10


  1. The contents of technical proposal are mentioned below
    1. Brief introduction of consultant (attach detailed CV with references)
    2. Understanding of context
    3. Methodology
    4. Past experience in similar projects/ assignment
    5. Work Plan (Proposed)
  2. The template for financial proposal is mentioned below;
S# Position LOE (days)


Rate/day (PKR) Total


1 Lead Consultant 30  
2 Co-lead 30  
Total amount in PKR  



  • Period of assignment:

2 months (from the date of signing of contract)


  • Contract Type:

This is a fix cost assignment and “reimbursement mode of payment” against the achievement of milestone/s. No additional/ support/ operational cost will be paid by HANDS beyond the quoted amount by the Consultant at the proposal submission stage.

1. Personal Information


2. Education & Training (Most Recent ONLY)

3. Employment Record (Present or Last Job ONLY)

In Number of Years
Name of Employer
In Numbers Only