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Name: Asad
Father Name: Fazal Subhan
School Name: Gulshan Ghazi A (Saeedabad)
Project Associate: Mariam Shaheen


Student of Gulshan Ghazi A school, He enrolled in HANDS Primary School (HPS) at the time of base line. He has physical disability. At the beginning he was facing difficulty to walk and even could not able to go washroom without anyone’s help.
We took the survey for out of schools children and during survey we found Asad Children with Special Needs (CSN) he meet all criteria of enrollment and also we advised our teacher and staff to take special care of the CSN(Children with Special Needs ) children.
Initial days of the school, he was very Shy, less active , did not perform work, nor participated in the class activities and always silent in the class . After that his teacher and staff started to motivate him in the class so that his confident boost up in front of the class and start talking. His teacher made him monitor of the class.
As time passes, he able to understand things and gradually changes occur in his personality. Now he comes to school with his interest and also take the bag himself on his shoulder and do other things also. He done homework regularly, participated in the class activities. Now he is considered as an intellectual student of the school. His mother attends all PTM (Parent Teacher Meetings) and she told that now Asad does his own work without anyone’s help and he is very active. If anyone asks questions from him, he gives response of the questions, as well as his writing skill is very much improved.
He comes school on the time and take care of his own books and copies. Asad likes to play cricket so, we help him in physical activities
His mother and community members appreciate our teacher and staff services for the CSN(Child with Special Need )learners especially and also grateful to the Organization for development of their community in the Education sector.

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hand education and literacy program in Pakistan
hand education and literacy program in Pakistan