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Annexure VII – Guidelines for Sharing Story/ Brief of the Borrower
Annexure VII – Guidelines for Sharing Story/ Brief of the Borrower

Basic information about the borrower

Name of the borrower (s):  Hajran Mirbher

Age: 48

Union Council: Chattochund

Tehsil: Thatta

District: Thatta

Poverty Score: 25

Family size/ dependents: 4

Type of enterprise/business: Livestock 

Detailed information required to develop a story

  • What was the situation like for the borrower before he/she took the loan?

Being ultra poor she was willing to contribute in domestic expenses.

  • Why did this person decide to take the loan?

She decided to avail loan to because the loan are interest free and are easy to avail it. 

  • From where did he/she learn about the loan facility? 

From the near by village where the scheme was already launched 

  • How did the borrower use the loan? 

The borrower utilized her loan in purchasing the female buffalo.

  • What sort of progress did the borrower make? 

She wants make a herd of livestock for earning 

  • What were their challenges and struggles?

Being female she has very less opportunity and has less freedom and choice to do business. 

  • What skills did he/she use to overcome the challenges?

She has very fin skills of livestock keeping, embroidery and cloth selling; she used her skills to establish her business with regular and with lumsum income. 

  • How did the relevant PPAF partner help?

Hands introduced the easily lending policies of loan availing and also conducted the mentoring sessions to encouraged the borrowers. 


  • What is the situation like now?

Now she has a buffalo which will give milk in next 10 month for her family and for sell that will support her family economically and nutritionally. She is much motived and has made her mind to make her herd in future. The other villagers are impressed by her business and there are impressed to avail the IFL opportunity and start her business. She said,” I’m very much thankful for starting the IFL loan scheme for poor peoples of villages where there are no hope for them. The EHSAAS scheme has brought hope in their lives.”
Has his/her situation motivated other people in the area to acquire IFL loan?
What future does the borrower see for himself/herself, the family and the community in general

  • Include a summary statement or quote of the borrower expressing her emotions and +sentiments

Message from the borrower for others


The story of a woman borrower should also share the challenges she faced being a woman, her position in the family and in her community after being empowered economically, acceptance of her opinion in important family matters after earning money. Her message to women who have the skill but lack resources on how to transform their life and that of their families.