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A Small Support of Food Can Contribute in Survival of Families
A Small Support of Food Can Contribute in Survival of Families

Spezand is one of the Union Council is in district Mastung with most of population of the people working on daily wages or working in the land of others as farmer. This UC is known most populated as well as marginalized because the more number of inhabitants are workers, who work in brick clans, coalmines or in the lands of others as farmer.

This Union Council is situated in most cold region of Balochistan surrounded with mountains at the mid of Quetta and Mastung. Every year in winter season, this UC faces heavy snowfall and people mostly migrate to nearby normal towns but those who do not afford to migrate, stay at their homes and face the harsh waves of cold and snowfall in Spezand.

Mr. Abdul Nabi is eight years old who lives in Village Kubella Sekozai in union council spezand. He has three sons who are jobless but sometime get work on daily wage. He is also working in the garden of a tribal person in the area and in the result gets some support in the form of grains and weight at the season.

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Mr. Abdul Nabi is very difficultly running his family because his sons do not get proper opportunity of earning and he himself is not at the condition to properly work and get income for his family. He has three goats and two sheep’s in his house but two of them were lost in last snowfall. According to him, the sheep and goats are the main source and support for his family getting milk and curds at their home to fulfil their food needs on daily basis. This happened unfortunate with Mr. Abdu Nabi that his two sheep and goats were lost in snowfall that affected his family’s food and livelihood needs. Apart, Mr. Abdul Nabi’s shelter walls were damaged in last snowfall now he isn’t able to rehabilitate his house owing insufficient amount for the rehabilitation.

According to Mr. Abdul Nabi, that he doesn’t had enough food for his family after last snowfall because in the slake season of winter neither any opportunity of work generated in the farms nor in the market to earn some amount for the need of his family. Even the food/fodder for his goats and sheep was issue for him to bring from somewhere. Fodder was available in the market but he wasn’t able to buy any fodder for animals.

Mr. Abdul Nabi was worried for his family, from one hand he has to deal with the need of food of his family, second he has to manage some amount to rehabilitate his house and thirdly he was to manage some fodder for his animal until the season of grain get starts in the area.

When he received the food and non-food item from HANDS, he was happy and it was unexpected for him that he would get this kind of support at this crucial time. He says that it is enough food for him to even run his family for more than two months. During these days, he and his sons would get some opportunity of work and they could save some amount to rehabilitate his houses and even could manage something for the fodder of his animals.

He was further expressing that this support has made for the first time in his village that he had never seen before and that not only could meet their food need even supported them to secure themselves in the winters using the blankets that was a second major support for them because they always look for the item of winterization.

At the end he thanks to HANDS and the relief team for selecting his village and prayed for the success of all.