• More than 45 million population lives on PKR 100 per day.
  • More than 80 million are illiterate.
  • At the time of child birth one maternal death occurs every 20 minutes.
  • More than 400 children die every day from preventable diseases

HANDS is a registered not for profit organization in Pakistan. HANDS is a tax-exempted NGO certified by Pakistan Center of Philanthropy. HANDS is led by its founder Chairman Prof. A. Gaffar Billoo (Sitara e Imtiaz). HANDS is also registered as a charity in UK as “HANDS International” under Companies Act of 2006 of England and Wales.

39 years of service:
HANDS extends its services to 22.2 million population of nearly 17,000 villages and settlements in 48 Districts of Pakistan. HANDS evolved a “model village” strategy, addressing health, education, shelter, infrastructure & livelihood. HANDS requires your generous support in following areas for model village development

1)  Ensure Primary Health Care:
The total cost of services per year is US$ 2060 (PKR 237,000) to serve a population of 1,000.

2)       Train a Midwife:
The total cost of a midwife is US$ 4870 (PKR 560,000) to serve a population of 5000.

3)       Save the Life of Mother:
The cost of saving of a women in complications is US$ 130 (PKR 15,000)

4)       Build a Model Hospital (20 bedded):
The total cost of construction of a hospital, with one year recurrent cost is US$ 260,869 (PKR 30 million.)

5)       Take care of Early Childhood Development (ECD):
The cost of caring of 30 children of a village is US$ 3300 (PKR 378,000) per year.

6)       Adopt a Primary School:
The cost of adopting a school for one year is US$ 4940 (PKR 568,000).

7)       Established a Model Middle School:
The total cost of construction of a middle school, with one year recurrent cost isUS$ 65000 (PKR 7.5 million).

8)       Shelter for the homeless:
The cost of a shelter is US$ 570 to 1500 (PKR 65,000 to 150,000).

9)       Drinking Water Facility:
The cost of each water scheme vary from US$ 260 to 800 (PKR 30,000 to 90,000).

10)     Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI):
The average cost of CPI is US$ 350 (PKR 40,000) infrastructure.

11)     Poverty Eradication through Self Employment
The average cost for each person’s self employment is US$ 350 (PKR 40,000).

12)       Enlighten the Poor’s House:
The average cost of solar unit for a house  is US$ 2173 (PKR 250,000)

13)         A mosque for a village
The average cost of a mosque in a village is US$ 4347 (PKR 500,000)

14)     Support us in building Institute of Development Studies  Gadap Karachi
The average cost of a brick is USD$ 43 (PKR 5000)

Direct Contact:
Mr. Nadeem Ali Wagan
Email: Nadeem.wagan@hands.org.pk
Phone: 92+345-8227501



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