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HANDS was founded by Prof. A. G. Billoo (Sitara-e-Imtiaz) in 1979. HANDS has evolved in 37 years as one of the largest Non-Profit Organizations of the country with an integrated development model and disaster management expertise. HANDS has a network of 31 offices across the country and has access to more than 22.2 million population more than 17,000 villages/settlement in 48 districts of Pakistan. HANDS strength is 12 volunteers Board Members, > 5,000 full time staff and thousands of community based volunteers of more than 6,100 partner organizations.. HANDS registered itself as charity organization in UK in 2014 as non profit organization in companies act 2006 of England and Wales. Later HANDS International established its offices in London United Kingdom (UK), Kathmandu Nepal, Calais France.


HANDS started its formal journey of intervention from a public sector hospital in Karachi as Health And Nutrition Project in 1979 lead by the then head of the department of paediatrics Civil Hospital Karachi, Prof. A. G. Billoo (Sitara-e-Imtiaz). He was seriously concerned about the poor patients coming from Karachi rural in miserable conditions.The first step towards community development was initiation of a project in which a Primary Health Care center was established in a remote village, more than 40 kilometers away from city center. The interns of the professor followed his vision to develop “Healthy Educated Prosperous Pakistan” (HANDS vision in initial days), gradually the project transformed into the organization called Health And Nutrition Development Society (HANDS) and HANDS International. In 35 years HANDS has evolved as a model of community development. This integrated model comprise of key programs of Social Mobilization, Gender & Development, Human & Institutional Development, Monitoring Evaluation & Research, Information Communication Resource and Advocacy, Health Promotion, Education & Literacy, Livelihood Enhancement, Infrastructure Development Energy Water & Shelter, Disaster Management and Social Marketing.


HANDS has a network of 31 offices across the country and has access to 22 million population of more than 22,000 villages/ settlement in 47 districts of Pakistan. These offices are supported by 5,691 medium and small size organizations’ network in Pakistan.


Management Structure:

HANDS is governed by 12 members elected “Governing Board” who are volunteers and are lead by Chairman of the organization. Chief Executive is defecto member of the  governing board as well. Board provides policy guideline and follow the management to pursue management policies in the spirit of organization’s vision.

The board is comprised of professionals from different sectors, philanthropist, community representatives and ex-employees of HANDS. There are four tiers in management structure, first tier is the Higher Management Committee which is top management and comprise of 4 executives  and a Chief Executive. The second tier is “Steering Committee” which comprise of 12 General Managers (GMs) and the 04 senior executives are also memeber of the steering committee. The GMs are responsible for operation of different project activities of their program under the leadership of Chief Executive and senior Executives.  All the districts heads that is Districts Executive Managers (DEMs) and members of Steering Committee form a 3rd tier called Management Committee. The fourth tier exists at district level called the District Management Committee which comprise of district project staff, DEM and is chaired by District Patron and  representative of head office staff. HANDS at present have more than 1900 full time staff and more than a million Community Based Volunteers (CBVs) who participate at “Monthly Community level forums” lead by Chairperson of Community Based Organization (CBO) and respective district staff participate as defecto member in these forums.


Management Certification:

HANDS is certified by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP)  and is tax exempted by Income tax department of government of Pakistan. HANDS has also successfully completed the Institutional Management Certification Program (IMCP) of USAID for management standards. We are accredited with European Union and have central contractor registration with US Government (DUNS No.). HANDS also possess membership with Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP) and IUCN (International Union of  Conservation of Nature).

Policy Guideline:

HANDS has developed 24 policy manuals which include Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Social Mobilization, Education, Administration, Monitoring Evaluation & Research, Health Promotion, Resource Mobilization, Livelihood Enhancement, Information Communication Resources & Advocacy, Finance & Accounting, Disaster Management, Gender And Development, Child Right & Protection, Suggestion And Complaint, Human and Institutional Development, Infrastructure Development, Energy, WASH And Shelter, Social Marketing, Endowment Fund, Investment, Provident Fund, Procurement and Logistic, Cyber Security (Whistle Blowing).


Experience in project administration and financial management:

HANDS has successfully managed 513 projects during the last 22 years. Finance Department is equipped with qualified personnel working in a computerized accounting software (online in all districts) through Sidat Hyder Financials. HANDS is currently managing a budget of approximately Rs. 1,703 million.


Major funding partners (2014-2015):

The list of major funding partners include International Organization of Migration (IOM), UKAID/DFID, Sindh Education Foundation, Chemonics, International Relief & Development (IRD), USAID,  Marie Stopes Society, Jhpiego, Green Star Marketing, The David & Lucile Packard Foundation, Zakat Foundation USA, Oxfam Novib, Engro Foundation, Idara-e-Talim-o-Aaghai (ITA), Khushhali Bank, Aurat Foundation, BSR, Levi Strauss Foundation, Polladium, UNICEF, World Food Program, Basic Needs / Basic Rights, GAVI Alliance, HUBCO, Medico International, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Rutgers WPF,  WaterAid, HSBC, UN Habitat, Population Services International (PSI),  Institute of Development Studies Pakistan, Premier Cables/Premier Home, Billoo Travel Service (Pvt) Ltd, Pioneer Distributior, Sohni Textile Ind, Switzerland Consulate Karachi, Bashir Kasmani Security Pvt Ltd, Meezan Bank Limited, Din Leather (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan State Oil Company Ltd (PSO), Helpline Trust, Cyan Limited, AlBaraka Bank, Rehnuma Turst, St.Patrick’s High School Karachi, I-Care International, Rotary Club Bradford, Karachi Grammar School, R.A Management, Jan Mohammad Dawood Trust, Arif Habib Foundation, Efroze Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd, Nouman Enterprise Private Limited, Pfizer Pakistan Limited, PharmEvo(Private Limited), Pakistan Bevereage Pvt. Ltd., Popular Pvt Ltd, Burj Bank Limited, Human Development Foundation, Haji Ibrahim Trust, Hilton Pharma, AMWA Trust, Foutain House, Steun Pakistan, Habib Bank Ltd., Abu Faisal Trust, Shell Pvt. Ltd. All Provincial and  Federal Government of Pakistan.

HANDS Public Private Partnership:

Considering Public Sector is largely responsible for social sector services in Pakistan. Federal, Provincial and District levels have huge network of human, financial and infrastructure resources. However the services out put is questionable. HANDS therefore strive its best to improve the services through partnership with District, Provincial and Federal Government. Several Memorandum of Understandings are signed in this regard.

HANDS Public Private Partnership are in 13 District Disaster Risk Management Centres and 01 Provincial Disaster Risk Management Centre with Provincial and District Disaster Management Authorities. The partnership with education department are in 997 Govt Schools. The partnership with Health Department are in  92 Hospitals and 02 Community Midwifery Schools.

It includ 01 District Headquarter, 07 Taluka Headquarter, 09 Rural Health Centre, 07 Maternal and Child Health Centre, 40 Basic Health Units, 28 Dispensaries. 2,175 Health Houses of Lady Health Workers.

Networking with Civil Society Organizations:

HANDS has chair of “108 National Organizations” network under the umbrella of “Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Civil Society Organization Alliance (CSA)”. HANDS is also holding the chair of “South Asia Coordinator for People Health Movement (PHM). HANDS is also a member of National Humanitarian Network (NHN) and Pakistan Humanitarian Forum (PHF). HANDS is also a member of National Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (DRR) and Human Resource Development Network (HRDN).


HANDS Strategy for Vision 2020:

Considering HANDS 35 years of life, it was felt that a long term strategty shoud be developed. Therefore a series of consultation meetings were conducted with all the stakeholders of organization from community to the Governing Board. After six months of meetings and follow up we came up with the following vision and mission in the context of targets for year 2020.

HANDS principles and values include partnership and relations with communities in sovereignty of and equity with our partners. One of the values of HANDS is based on mutual trust, honesty, professionalism and transparency among Governing Board, employees and supporters.

HANDS development process value is based on an understanding of roles and responsibilities, which include accountability, ethnic impartiality and effective participation. We strive for value of creativity and innovation, which is the hallmark of all our efforts. Our belief is that every citizen of this country should have access to their basic rights and should discharge their obligation with same fervour.