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Chairman’s Message

 prof-billoHANDS has evolved in 35 years as one of the largest Non-Profit Organization of the country with integrated development model and disaster management expertise. HANDS started this journey in 1994 with one room office from Karachi, and not only has network of 31 branch offices equipped with 1900 skilled staff across but after registration as UK Charity (HANDS International) reached to Nepal and France in 2015.

This journey has enabled HANDS to gain rich experience in community development and disaster management. HANDS evolved more than hundred best practices model in health, education, livelihood, Community infrastructure and Disaster Risk Reduction. These model designed, piloted and assessed not only for impact but also of cost efficiency.

HANDS is now seeking financial assistance from partner development organizations, public sector, private sector and philanthropists to replicate these models at scale across country through local partners / stakeholders. This profile is an attempt to capture and share the experience of last 35 years and best practice models of each program. This profile also narrates the historical events that occurred in the organization’s life cycle.

All the above was made possible by building experienced, well trained and dedicated team of selfless professionals and their continued ongoing capacity building to meet any challenges. HANDS model is a bouquet of its thirteen programs which include Social Mobilization, Gender and Development, Human & Institutional Development, Monitoring Evaluation & Research, Information Communication Resource & Advocacy, Health Promotion, Education and Literacy, Livelihood Enhancement, Infrastructure Development Energy WASH and Shelter (IDEAS), Disaster Management, Social Marketing, Administration and Procurement and Logistic.

The major achievement for the last year was the expansion of HANDS canvas, with in country from Karachi Pakistan to Buneer, Shangla and Chitral and for HANDS International from London UK to Calais France and Katmandu, Nepal.  This will complement HANDS Pakistan in terms of technical and financial support. We are very optimistic that HANDS efforts, will go long way to improve the healthy, educated, prosperous and equitable society. We appeal to all concerns to make their contribution in terms of time, money and efforts to bring the dream come true.


 Professor Abdul Gaffar Billoo

Chairman HANDS