Communication and Advocacy

Introduction HANDS Communication and Advocacy (C&A) program works as cross cutting theme and intervenes with all other programs and projects. In order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of health improvement, education and livelihood enhancement, C&A supports other programs through development of advocacy campaigns, implementing behavior change and communication strategies, video/audio documentary, printing & […]

Case Studies

Immediate and planned emergency response will have a positive impact Pakistan due to its geographical and geological characteristics, frequently experience devastating natural disasters that cause colossal loss both in terms of life and property. It is located in the earthquake zone and most of its population is inhabited in these areas. In the recent earthquake […]

Major Contributions of HANDS Disaster Management Program

HANDS Disaster Management Program responded to major disasters in Pakistan and in Nepal and has vast experience to deal with emergency responses during the recent disaster in Pakistan and out of the country. Following is the history of HANDS disaster response: 1. 2016 Sindh Heat Wave anticipatory Emergency Response: Immediately Emergency Response was initiated by […]


In this model the individual farmers are supported through provision of agri-inputs for cultivation according to the needs of the farmer. This support is provided to the poor small landholders, tenants, share-croppers (men/women) and female headed farming households to improve their agricultural production, food security and income generation. Support is provided to small land owners […]