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Determination is Key to success

This story is all about a 25 years old girl named Naila.  On 7th March 1993, her parents brought her to Agha Khan Hospital Karachi from Gujranwala, a city in Province of Punjab when she was only 1 and a half years old and suffering from a disease called BULBER POLIO. This disease has not only affected her lower limbs but also70% of her body is effected, including her respiratory system. Initially doctors gave her emergency treatment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). After sometime her parents seeingher condition and prolonged treatment left her in the Hospital and went away. Then the owners of the Hospital adopted her as a “Hospital’s Child”.

Naila practically lived in the ICU for 3-4 years where she received love and care from lots of people, doctors and staff. It was here in ICU where she even learnt to talk. As the staff nurses mostly spoke English as such it was the only language Naila could speak.


Till the age of 7, she remained under treatment of many a doctors from various disciplines, then she was handed over to a Neurologist namely Dr. Shahnaz Ibrahim. From that day she is Naila’s doctor. She is a very nice and kind person, cares a lot for Naila and treats her as her own daughter. Even Naila has got attached to her.

One day a person namely Mr. Sami Mustafa came to meet someone admitted in the ICU. He was the principal of a school called C.A.S. (Centre of advance studies) and heard this child talking in English. When this person saw this girl, he thought that she should avail education and go to a school. But it wasn’t easy as a ventilator was attached to her. Mr. Sami tried a lot to arrange for such a system so that she could go to school. He went to talk to the management of the Aga Khan Hospital to explore the possibility of her getting a formal education.

The management informed that for sending Naila to school, a portable ventilator will have to be arranged so which she could take it everywhere and also go to school easily. Mr. Sami somehow arranged a portable ventilator for Naila and admitted her into his own school. Like this Naila started to going to school. She studied at C.A.S. for 11 years and completed her O’ Levels from there and then she did her A ‘levels from SouthShore with an A Grade. She excelled in her studies and left many able bodied girls and boys far behind. 

Naila 2

Her thirst for knowledge did not stop here as she during course of her studies realized that being a computer literate was very important ,therefore she attended a center for computer literacy. It is a wonder that being such a handicapped managed to work on the computer.

Since hospital is a place where people from all walk of life come and go, Naila have met every kind of people who came there. Naila has a nature that she quickly gets attached with people so as a child she realized that no one stays here forever. So when getting attached with people and when they used to go, she used to get upset and cry a lot. Since she has grown up now and realizes the reality of her life, she has become very strong. She has experienced a lot from here and has become strong enough and now it doesn’t matter that whatever people think or say about her because she is very happy with her life. She says “let me tell you one thing, that GOD is great and when he wants an individual to survive in this world so he opens many doors for his survival.”

In September 2011 she was offered a job as a program associate at HANDS and is working efficiently in the C&A Program along with her colleagues. She has proved that in spite of being handicapped a person can make a place in society and earn his own living.


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