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Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (MER) program is responsible for the monitoring of projects / programs, interventions/activities as well as conduction of internal and external researches. It is MER’s responsibility to establish and maintain Management Information System (MIS) throughout the organization from community
to district office and head office level. All MIS tools for projects/programs are designed by MER.

Best Practice Service Models-Model-1

Web Based MIS Software

HANDS has developed/designed web based software for Management Information System (MIS). This is centralized web based application which helps to get updates of the project/program targets and achievements at a single computer click.

The objectives of this model are to:

  • Improve the quality of reporting system.
  • Provide access to reports to all concerned staff.
  • Facilitate timely reporting and thus timely actions/decisions for improvements/ rectifications.


  • The web based software is developed by technical person keeping in view the needs/ requirements of projects / programs’ reporting.
  • The person in-charge of project/program develops the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) which includes numbered targets and timelines to be followed. The AIP for each project is developed for its complete duration, while for the program it is developed for one fiscal year (for HANDS it is from July to June). Thus the monthly targets as well as annual targets are set in the AIP.
  • The concerned persons are issued user ID and password to work on this software for sharing their targets and updating the achievements.
  • All concerned with the utilization of this web are provided orientation/training.
  • Each month the in-charge (project manager / district manager / program manager) punch their achievements against the set targets in the software. The progress report thus can be shared on website with all the concerned persons.
  • The application generates multiple periodical (monthly, quarterly, annual or any other required periodical) reports e.g. project based report, district based report, program based report, donor wise report and complete organization report.
  • The project/program progress is reviewed and analysed with the help of this web based MIS.


Using this web based MIS software, 4648 reports have been generated in preceding years including district project reports, district reports, program managers’ reports and organization reports.



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