Case Studies

GBV Survivor

HANDS GBV project was supported under Grant Cycle 6A, Shelter to GBV survivors. HANDS received a one year grant under the USAID -GEP project of Aurat Foundation. The objective of the grant was to provide safe and temporary shelter and create an enabling environment which leads to build capacity and confidence in GBV survivors.

Chanda’s story
This case begins with the death of her father due to blood cancer. After his death a relative bluffed her and mother by stating that according to the promise of her father she was to be married with his son. After listening they were convinced, as such marriage took place and Chanda along with her husband shifted to Karachi. After some days she realized that her life is like hell because her husband’s family is illiterate and they fought with each other on small issues all the time. In 1993 he earned Rs. 2000 and gave only Rs.50 for home expenses. After a while, her husband started criticizing on her character which was unbearable for her to carry on living with him. Due to the cultural norms she continued living with him ignoring her mother’s advise her to get divorce and shift back to Lahore.

The brutality of her husband did not stop and even accelerated /severity raised. After the birth of her last daughter he left all of them alone without telling or taking any sort of responsibility. Consequently she along with her children shifted in a small quarter of NAVY and started working as a maid with one of the family. In a mean while she read about a lawyer in a newspaper for the purpose of getting divorce and she contacted him. Eventually her husband came back and threatened her that he will sell his daughters. So the lawyer suggested them to go and take shelter in a HANDS SHELTER home which is a NGO who works for poor, needy and deprived people. Contact was made with HANDS Shelter Home and are living peacefully.

She is now in a state where case can be filed in the court but the hurdle is that husband has taken away her four sons and a daughter with him. With the support of HANDS efforts are being made to get her siblings back and fighting the case in the court. She along with her children are living in condition of hope that she will get back her siblings back soon. In HANDS shelter Home, they are getting financial support from HANDS as well.

Immediate Output and Impact:
Chanda is working as a maid and earning handsome amount to support their daughters, because HANDS is a Half-Way House. Her daughters are completing their studies in a safe and secure Shelter. Also in HANDS she enabled to file divorce demanded her small girl, which is with her mother now.

She is a GBV survivor so it is a big challenge/risk to all GBV team to facilitate her in HANDS Shelter. Even security threatening calls were received but GBV stood
on the noble cause to help GBV survivors.

Efforts of HANDS and Way Forward:
HANDS GBV team invited Ms. Erum Khalid Special Assistant to CM, WDD and raised her issues in front of her. She promised with Chanda, she will appoint her in Government job which is a positive sign for her in future. Not only this her daughters will complete their studies in next year and both of them will also support her mother.

Lesson Learnt:
With motivation, training and support, the passive earners or victims of GBV could be converted into regular ones striving for their family’s financial stability. Furthermore, mutual understanding with constructive approach will change the life of everyone.


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