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In this model the individual farmers are supported through provision of agri-inputs for cultivation according to the needs of the farmer. This support is provided to the poor small landholders, tenants, share-croppers (men/women) and female headed farming households to improve their agricultural production, food security and income generation. Support is provided to small land owners who have one or two acres of land.



The objectives of this model are to:

  • Support small landholders/needy farmers for crop cultivation through provision of agri-input.
  • Enhance crop productivity and thus income of farmers.
  • Better management of agricultural resources.
  • Improve quality of crops.


  • Well-being ranking and poverty scoring in target population
  • Selection of beneficiaries through assessment form
  • Finalization of beneficiaries with recommendation of Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • Development of Livelihood Investment Plan (LIP)
  • Large community meeting
  • Formation of farmer groups
  • Formation of purchasing committee
  • Opening of CBO bank account/funds directly provided through HANDS
  • Transfer of grant
  • Purchase and provision of agri-input (fertilizer, seeds and pesticides) by CBO against individual needs of farmers.
  • Maintenance of financial record in cash book
  • Recovery of capital amount from the farmers
  • Monitoring and supervision


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