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“The Courage of Female”

Halima W/O Ghulam Qadir is 40 years old, residing in Village Jam Arib Maher UC Ali Bagh, which is situated about 35 KMs away from Gangi Town and has a population of about 300 HHs. She is mother of 4 children. Her husband is a labor working on Rs.200 daily wages. She had attended school till primary level.
She was selected as Marvi Worker in phase II of RHSP, completed her training on 6th June, 2015 and had started working in her village. In tenure of one month of working, she registered 16 clients, included 07 of Injection, 2 of IUCD (10 Years), 5 OP, and 2 RC.
For such a large population of about 300 HHs, no LHW is appointed in the village, and females are not allowed to go outside to consult any health service provider for any of their personal problems related to reproductive health and FP services. Due to excessive and unsafe births, many females suffered from gynecological diseases but have no idea how to cope and what to do. Most females have more than 7 children, their income and health condition do not permit to deliver more children but had no solution or FP service. Males do not not care about their suffering due to so many births.


HANDS team visited the village and informed their purpose and asked literate females to work as MW. All refused because their relatives especially males were not permitting them to work in the whole village. On the 4th visits of HANDS team to this village, Ms Halima was the only female who agreed to work as Marvi Worker. She faced intense opposition from her in laws to work for FP services, but she stood firmly on her decision.

Halima attended 05 days training session at GMS Gangi. After completion of training, she started working in her village. 


She started from her para (Mohalla) and asked females to gather at a place and attend her session. Initially females refused to hear her but later some females from her para, got ready to attend her session. During session she informed them about the importance and objectives of family planning, then 2 females agreed and availed FP services. In next week some more females visited her for FP services. And now she has 16 clients registered.

This decision to work as Marvi worker was very difficult for her as most of her relatives were not happy but she stood strong with the support of her husband. She knew that females of her community needed help but had no idea from where they could get it. She started working and females only from her Para visited and availed FP services, but she has strong belief that soon will be able to cover all village females and one day all her opponent and relatives will appreciate to her work.

“A Feeling of Blessing”

Tasleem W/O Ghulam Yameen is 23 years old, residing in Village Bhutto UC Wasti Jewan Shah, which is situated about 60 KMs away from Ubarho Town and has a population of about 500. She is mother of 6 children. Her husband is a labor working on Rs.200 daily wages.

She was married at the age of about 15 yrs. After 11 months of marriage, she gave birth to a baby girl, and within 8 years was mother of six children. Many times she thought to avail service of any FP method, but could not avail as she never had enough money to visit any health facility provider who could advise her compatible FP method.

After successful completion of phase I, when RHSP entered in phase II, and had targeted 7 more UCs, Wasti Jewan Shah was also included in the list. Here RHSP team selected Ms Samina, as Marvi worker. After completing 5 days training session, Samina started her work in targeted community. Samina conducted community sessions, and door to door visit to give awareness regarding reproductive health. After a community meeting, Tasleem asked for advice as she had given birth to a baby just 25 days before, and wanted to avail FP service. After discussion, MW Samina recommended IUCD service, to which she agreed, so Samina called to LHV Rehana.

CS 2

LHV Rehana visited the village, met Tasleem and after checkup she got service of IUCD on 15th July 2015.  According to her: when her baby was to 3 or 4 months old, always got pregnant, which was a very painful condition for her as she could not give proper attention to her neonate and neither she felt prepared for the birth of another child. She had no solution because there was no health facility nearby where she could visit for FP services neither had enough money to visit Ubarho town. She was thankful to RHSP, who has given IUCD service at her door step.



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