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Impact of Continuous Community Mobilization

Behavior change in deep rooted social norm and practices can only be achieved through consistent and effective mobilization and empowerment HANDS Community Mobilization Program (CMP) in January 2014 initiated its intervention, under Sindh Base Education Program (SBEP), in remote communities by bringing all local stakeholders together to raise awareness about education. Initially it was difficult to bring everyone on board on the agenda of education, especially for girl. Majority of the villages belong to Chandio, Brohi and Baloch tribes who were reluctant to allow their women to participate in community meetings and trainings. These tribes were also not willing to send their girls to schools. However consistent efforts of HANDS CMP team, capacity building of SMCs, engaging community through enrollment campaign, annual schools days and most importantly the cooperation of social activists, like Late Abdul Rasool have been instrumental in behavioral changes. Which eventually resulted in increased enrollment and meaningful participation.

It is a common perception that poverty is the hindering cause of many areas of human development. It is true in often cases but there are other aspects which cannot be ignored, like gender based discrimination, rigid community practices to limit girls’ access to education, lack of attention toward the children and low or no accountability of public institutions, which hinder in achieving the developmental goals. A small village Budhani with 300 household at UC Muhammad Purodho, Taluka Garhi Khairo, District Jacobabad was also dealing with such issues. Despite having separate GBPS schools for boys and GGPS for girls, there was significant number of school age children who were either out of school or though enrolled but remained absent. Inactive SMC and teachers’ truancy were some of the indication that education was the least area of priority for inhabitants of village Budhani.


Ms. Shahida newly enrolled girl receiving flask from late Abdul Rasool,

a prominent community activist during World Environmental Day

at GGPS village Budhani Distt: Jacobabad 

My dream of getting education wouldn’t have accomplished, if Chacha Abdul Rasool (A local word for uncle) hadn’t mobilized my parents to enroll me. I am exultant that now I shall also be studying like other girls of my age.” 

Shahida D/o Wazir Husain, 8 years old girl, newly enrolled in GGPS Budhani during academic year 2015-2016. 

Gradually with the consistent efforts of HANDS SCMP Team, the community members are demonstratingtheir involvement by collaborating in World Environment Day celebration and allowing women to participate in HANDS CMP’s events. Some of the concrete results of this collective effort are increased enrollment, active female participation, cash and in-kind contribution for books, uniform and water cooler for school. Taluka Education Officer appreciated the community’s positive attitude towards girls’ education. Head teachers of GGPS and GBPS are mobilizing community and striving to enroll every child in the school.

Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it

Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times, self-satisfaction and eager to strive for betterment is trait of great people as Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah posses
Government Boys Primary School Ghouspur is one the high-quality school of HANDS Community Mobilization Program (CMP), having very sincere and enthusiast teachers and committed head teacher with dedication and self-realization. Often, HANDS CMP Kashmore team wants to organize activities to sensitize the community and increase the interest level of community and children, consistently GBPS Ghouspur wins the race and already organizes such activities. Due to HANDS CMP Team’s mobilization, Head Teacher Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah and his team always work hard for the betterment of education and for this purpose devises new activities.

Recently, budget was released by Sindh Education and Literacy Department for schools but due to some reasons no school received it. While some of schools got a little of that budget which was released after new notification of merging school system.

“Education is a prominent cultural institution used to perpetuate the prevailing values of a society. I will strive for continuous improvement of education system with my limited resources through thick & thin but will never give up and never get demotivated”

Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah
HM- GBPS Ghouspur.

To make the authorities realize, Head teacher carried out the beautification and construction work from his own pocket. Saplings have been planted and piled. 3 new washrooms have been constructed for the students along with 3 toilets, while 3 washrooms also have been functionalized which were in bad condition. Also a new hand pump have also been installed.


When HANDS CMP team met with the Head Teacher he eagerly told that high ups are reluctant and never support those schools which have potential, where enrollment is very high and teachers are dedicated to their duties but they focus only on those schools which are constructed for their benefits. He said that “I don’t wait for the grant of education department but always strive to beautify my school and carry out those activities which increase the interest level of parents and children”. He further said that “recently I have got new washrooms, toilets constructed and installed hand pump for the students of my school but yet no concerned official came even to tap my shoulder”. He said that he did not go to officials for the assistance. He said that his teachers always come along shoulder by shoulder and always supported his decision. He felt gratitude for the intervention of HANDS CMP and said that he doesn’t feel lonely because of HANDS CMP team as it is supporting morally and also assisted whenever needed.

Little Drops Makes  an Ocean

Meaningful participation and in-kind contribution from community can amplify the progress of success

GBES Khan Muhammad is neighboring school of a SBEP constructed school; therefore HANDS CMP team started working for education and school issues. In order to raise awareness, HANDS CMP team engaged and worked with the local stakeholders to Improve Infrastructure, facilities and quality of education in SCMP targeted Schools.

The HANDS CMP team’s efforts included program introduction, formation of committees at community level to sensitize regarding the healthy and productive outcomes for their children and exploring the local resources for the betterment of education. It is a fact, that when any individual or community takes ownership of their issues and invest time for positive change then they can expect encouraging results. GBES Khan Muhammad is situated in poor and backward area of sector 7D Surjani UC 6 Maimarabad in Gadap town Karachi. There are so many basic problems in Govt. schools which need to be resolved. But Govt. has insufficient budget to solve these problems in time. Therefore, the education and teaching process suffer. Thus the education department and SMC of school cannot provide neat and clean educational environment.


Majority of the inhabitants of the area are surviving on daily wages of a labor, earning is less than necessity for them and for their children. Most of the people of area are interested in their children’s education but unfortunately school has no more resources except SMC fund to resolve the very basic needs of school.

As the result of regular mobilization for contribution from the local resources, HANDS CMP team encouraged community to donate in-kind or in-cash. During this activity, HANDS CMP team met with Mr. Asad Khan, Mr. Shahabuddin and Mr. Aslam Qaimkhani for contribution.

Mr. Asad Khan donated Rs.9000, Mr. Shahabuddin Rs.9000 and Mr. Aslam Qaimkhani Rs.27, 000 for school maintenance.These gentlemen totally contributed Rs.45,000 for School white wash, color, repairing of black boards, flag foundation, umbrella for watchman, class room tags, wall paintings and Hygiene messages.

“First I think this is Govt. school for our children but now we feel this is our school for our own children.”
Mohammad Aslam Qaimkhani.
This gesture of generosity will certainly bring lasting impact in the lives of children.



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