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HANDS strongly believes that openness towards accountability, both internally and external, is an essential ingredient to ensure transparency in the affairs of any organization. HANDS is a transparent and accountable organization. In order to ensure full accountability of its overall operations at all levels; HANDS has taken the initiative of establishing the Suggestion And Complaint Cell (SAC Cell).

HANDS understands and fully aware of the benefits to be derived from effectively managing the complaints concerns that will inevitably be made by its staff, contractors, partners and the public in general.

HANDS strongly believes that properly handled complaints can be an economical and effective way of improving public image, increasing community and partner satisfaction and identifying gaps in procedures and rectifying the same.

Realizing that its people’s right to share concerns/complaints; HANDS greatly encourages and welcomes its staff, beneficiaries and other stakeholders to register their complaints if any and let SAC CELL to handle it to your satisfaction and in a very transparent manner.

HANDS believes that it will further improve its services with the feedback and cooperation of complainants and will be able to serve them even better…

Guiding Principles


HANDS Welcome, receive and handle complaints from everybody concerned regardless of their affiliation, association, caste, religion, status and gender etc.

Respect & Dignity
HANDS Treat all types of complainants with respect and dignity and without any discrimination.

Impartiality & Fairness
HANDS handle all complaints with complete neutrality & maintain impartiality & fairness while dealing with both the complainant and the suspect.

HANDS maintain complete transparency while dealing with complaints.

HANDS Maintain full confidentiality of both the complainant and the suspect until it is required other way round.

Ensure that complainant and the suspect both should not face any type of retaliation or revenge at any level

Handle and resolve all complaints in a timely manner



The SAC cell has a much broader scope.  It will receive complaints from all HANDS team members and general stakeholders which are grouped as following:

 1 – Community & Beneficiaries 
This includes people from project areas & project beneficiaries.

 2 – General Stakeholders
This includes donors & partners, government & civil society representatives, and general public.

 3 – Service Providers
This includes contractors, vendors, suppliers and consultants and other types of service providers etc.

 4 – HANDS Team Members 
This includes all HANDS staff (current & previous), interns and volunteers. SAC Cell considers and values following rights of the complainants:

Right of the Complainant

  • All Complainants be treated with full respect and dignity at every level of complaint handling and investigation process
  • Privacy of complainants be fully protected during the course of complaint handling
  • Complainant’s complaints should be genuinely considered and properly investigated
  • Complainants should be provided with appropriate and easily understandable information and guidance regarding SAC Cell’s complaint registration and handling process
  • Complainants should be able to comment on the complaint handling process
  • Complainants should not receive any retaliation or revenge as a result of making a complaint
  • Complainant should be properly informed about the decision of the complaint regardless of the nature of the complaint

 Responsibilities of Complainant

With rights come responsibilities. Therefore, all the complainants are expected to exercise their responsibility while lodging their complaints with SAC Cell. These responsibilities are as following:

  • Make a proper self understanding of the complaint they are registering
  • Provide all required information to SAC Cell while their complaint is being registered
  • Extend full cooperation to complaint investigation team (CIT) during the course of complaint investigation
  • Be not biased with accused and provide all factual details to investigators
  • Avoid exaggeration of facts and baseless allegations
  • Treat all SAC Cell representatives and investigators with respect and courtesy
  • Do not discuss about the complaint with any one while it is registered with SAC Cell and is under investigation
  • Respect and complete the requirements of investigation team such as meeting schedules, and timely provision of documents and evidences etc where required.


Complaint Timing

You can register your complaint through phone call only on following working days and timing:

Days:                   Monday To Saturaday
Timing:                 09:30 AM TO 04:30 PM

Phone No.             +92-21-321204001

Please note that SAC Cell will not entertain phone call if made out of these days and time.