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Gender Sensitization Training for Professionals

HANDS’ GAD program has the expertise of conducting training for professionals on gender sensitization. These professionals could either be the organizational staff which addresses the gender issues of their respective institutes or they could be professionals trained as trainers (Training of Trainers – ToT) prepared for further step down trainings. These trainings are conducted for community, staff and other organizations.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Equip professionals with gender concepts.
  • Develop professional skills of trainees to conduct step down trainings on gender sensitization.
  • Promote gender equity and equality.
  • Increase the understanding of professionals on the issue women’s access to justice and women’s human rights.


Selection/identification of participants

  • GAD program team  provides training on gender equality, gender based violence and gender code of conduct.
  • Facilitation/conducting of gender orientation / awareness session
  • Capacity building trainings to enhance gender perspectives and conceptual clarity on gender issues
  • The gender sensitization trainings are incorporated in Community Capacity Building and leadership trainings.
  • All trainings (internal and external) facilitated by the GAD Program are gender-sensitive.

Training Contents:

  • Orientation on promotion of women related laws
  • Elimination of discrimination against women
  • Harassment at workplace
  • Acid crime law
  • Anti-women practices bill

Training Duration:

03 days