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Facilitating Economic Rehabilitation of Gender Based Violence (GBV) Survivors

With the support of Livelihood Enhancement program, the GAD program empowers the survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV) through providing income generation skills at shelter homes. These skills assist the women not to remain in abusive married relationships for economic reasons and make it easier for them to return to their communities as productive members of the society. The provision of such economic rehabilitation facilities makes shelter home a safe place for violence survivors and has become a critical step for rehabilitation of victims of GBV.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Empower GBV survivors by providing capacity   building and skill enhancement trainings.
  • Establish marketing system for products developed by survivors of GBV.
  • Ensure survivors’ access to good services and socio-economic support allowing their effective rehabilitation.


  • Establishment of linkages with existing shelter homes
  • Conduction of need assessment of shelter home survivors
  • Development of customized rehabilitation plans for survivors
  • Conduction of life skills trainings
  • Conduction of capacity building trainings
  • Development of linkages with potential employers, relevant civil society networks and government bodies
  • Conduction of  gender sensitization and motivational sessions for shelter staff and survivors
  • Development of database of trained women for future follow-ups