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Logical Framework Matrix Training

The Logical Framework Matrix/Analysis (LFA/LFM) training model offers opportunity for users to develop LFA/LFM of projects/program. This training model not only provides knowledge about the theory of the matrix but actual framework of any project/program is developed alongside.


The objectives of the training are to:

  • Build capacity of individuals regarding development of LFA/LFM.
  • Enable the participants to design project interventions as per objectives of project/program.
  • Enable participants to monitor and evaluate their projects / program.


The methodology of this exercise involves discussions,

brainstorming, group work and presentations etc.

Training Contents:

  • What is LFA/LFM?
  • Hierarchy of Objectives
  • Goal
  • Purpose
  • Outputs
  • Activities
  • Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVIs) for each level of objectives
  • Means of Verification (MoVs) at each level of objectives
  •  Assumptions for successful implementation of project

Training Duration:

06 days


  • MER has so far developed 579 LFA/LFMs for different projects and approximately 2400 staff members were trained.
  • 01 external consultancy for LFA development was done for the staff of Aman Community Health Initiative Project, Aman Foundation.