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Management Information System (MIS) Training

This training model is applicable wherever and whenever any Management Information System (MIS) tools are developed.


The objectives of this training are to:

  • Provide orientation of MIS tools to the users.
  • Enable users to generate report.
  • Enable the user to identify gaps in targets and related achievements.


The methodology of the training includes slide session, brainstorming, discussions, group work and testing of tools.

Training Contents:

  • Introduction of MIS tools
  • Introduction and briefing on each variable of the tools
  • Reporting formats
  • Introduction and briefing of variables of reporting formats
  • Use of database
  • Report generation

Training Duration:

The training duration may vary (depending on the extent of MIS and number of tools) from 2-4 days including pretesting of tools.


MER developed the complete MIS of 07 projects of HANDS and 01 external consultancy was also done for Aman Foundation regarding MIS development for  Aman Community Health Initiative Project. Overall MIS of 514 projects has been developed and more than 2300 staff member were trained.