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Web Based MIS Software Training

This best practice model of training is designed to enable the usage of applications by the respective users of web based MIS software.


The objectives of this training model are to:

  • Train the users of web based MIS software.
  • Enable report generation for the user through this software.
  • Enable the user identify gaps in targets and achievements.
  • Enable the users identify issues and monitor the progress of projects/program.


The methodology used for this training includes brainstorming, demonstrations, discussions, group work etc.

Training Contents:

  • What is web based MIS?
  • Development of Excel based Annual Implementation Plan (AIP).
  • Role of administrator
  • Punching of administrative data
  • Role of user
  • Role of super administrator
  • Development of project report
  • Report presentation
  • Development of sector wise report
  • Development of organization report

Training Duration:

02 days


This training was conducted in 48 districts attended by more than 900 staff members.