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Periodical Reviews / Monitoring Visits

This best practice model of MER is effectively used for progress assessment/evaluation against the set targets. Periodical reviews are conducted to assess the progress made against the targets identified in log frame through participatory approach and to identify issues and challenges for achieving the targets. Suggestions and recommendations are given for performance improvement.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Assess the progress of projects according to Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)/LFA.
  • Revisit targets and strategy.
  • Monitor quality of activities.


  • Web based Monthly Progress Report meeting at district.
  • Field visits at intervention units of all projects in target area.
  • Debriefing meeting after the field visit which includes review of last meeting minutes.
  • Report of findings.


  • 1,009 Program Reviews have been conducted in previous years.
  • A total of 116,020 monitoring visits were conducted by all levels of managers for quality assurance of projects/program performance.
  • 579 supervisory checklists of new projects were also developed for the purpose of monitoring.