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Conduction of researches is one of the best practice models of MER. The program team is capable of undertaking all sorts of researches either required for internal projects/program or external researches for other organizations. The researches include screening, baseline/need assessments, evaluations and action based researches etc.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Conduct all/any required researches (screening, baseline/need assessments) for internal projects/program.
  • Conduct evaluations of projects/program.
  • Provide research assistance/facilitation to other organizations.


  • Development of research protocol/proposal
  • Development of research tools
  • Training of surveyors and pretesting of research tools
  • Conduction of research – collection of data
  • Data  validation of 10% of the sample
  • Development of database and data feeding
  • Data cleaning and analysis
  • Report  writing
  • Dissemination of report/findings of research


During the preceding years, overall 167 researches have been conducted  and 466,672 sample units were surveyed. Reports were also developed and disseminated through seminars, website and press conferences.



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