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Logical Framework Matrix

This model offers a very significant aspect of project/program management. A document of Logical Framework Matrix (LFM) or Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) is developed. This document defines the hierarchy of objectives, specifying the targets and timelines for achievements in all projects/programs. It is a very effective document in terms of planning, designing, implementing and evaluating projects/programs.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Define objectives of the project/program.
  • Define target indicators with numbers and timelines for the project/program.
  • Define the monitoring and evaluation outline for project/program.


  • The exercise of developing LFM/LFA ideally involves all stakeholders (community, mid level and senior level managers etc.).
  • A four by four column-row matrix is created. The first column is for the hierarchy of objectives, the second column is for Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVI), third column is for Means of Verification (MoV) and fourth column is for Assumptions. Similarly the first row defines the Goal (overall objective) of the project/program, the second row defines the Purpose (project/program purpose), third row defines the Outputs (Results) and the fourth row defines the set of Activities for each output.
  • The OVIs are defined for each level of the objectives and they have to be SMART ( Specific, Measurable,  Appropriate, Reliable and Time bound).
  • Once the log frame or matrix is developed, the objectives, outputs and their activities are clearly defined with numbers and timeline.
  • The document is to be consulted for developing implementation plan and midterm or final evaluation of projects/program.


LFAs of all different projects under all the programs have been developed during last year.