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Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) Training

The training of Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) is designed to enable the participants to conduct PRAs in the community to gather information.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Build up an undeviating “people first” attitude in minds of the participants through showing that “people are capable agents to change their own lives” but require limited outside assistance.
  • Establish a notion of “respect” for the people’s knowledge in the life of professionals and their institutions.
  • Provide simple analytical tools to analyze rural situations by conduction of PRA.


The course uses participatory learning techniques. The sessions are dynamic and include short introductory presentations, interactive sessions, lectures, group work and discussions, case studies, brainstorming, field work and practical exercise.

Training Contents:

  • Social Mapping
  • Transect walk
  • Well Being Ranking
  • Focus Group Discussion
  • Seasonal Calendar
  • Report Writing.

Training Duration:

04 days including 03 days in-house and 01 day field activity.