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CBOs Capacity Building Training (Rehnuma)

This training model is particularly developed to build the capacity of CBOs for transition to community based institutions. Through this training program the volunteer workers of CBO are trained on community development concept, participatory development, gender and development, conflict resolutions, leadership skills, communication techniques and social mobilization. CBOs are also trained in record keeping and skills to conduct community meetings in their villages.



The objectives of this model are to:

  • Build the capacity of community volunteer workers on management skills.
  • Provide the knowledge and skills to trainees to resolve conflicts.
  • Train the CBO members on leadership and communication skills.
  • Enable CBOs to manage their records.

Training Contents:

  • The contents of the training include
  • Personality development
  • Decision making
  • Leadership habits development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Record keeping
  • Village development plan
  • Importance of saving and linkages with other organizations / NGOs.


The methodology of the training includes in-house interactive lectures, individual assignments, brainstorming, field work, role plays, group work, simulations and discussions.

Training Duration:

This is total 15 days training package with 05 trainings, each of 03 days duration.