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Best Practice Training Models

Capacity Building Package for Community Groups

This model intends to provide training of community groups. The community groups include School Management Committee, Village Health Committee, Health Management Committee, Borrowers of social mobilization for microfinance.  The training program is particularly designed to mobilize the community for management of project interventions in their communities. This training focuses on management of  record , conduction of  meetings, negotiation skills and conflict resolution.


The objectives of the training are to:

  • Improve overall management skills of participants.
  • Provide orientation about the scope of work of community groups.
  • Understand the role and responsibility of community group.
  • Enhance skills of participants in record keeping and financial management.

Training Contents:

  • Community management skills
  • Organization management
  • Leadership habits
  • Decision making
  • Conflict resolution
  • Facilities development
  • Financial and other activity record keeping


The methodology of the training includes group work, individual work, pair work, presentations, role plays, lectures and demonstrations etc.

Training Duration:

Duration adjusted according to requirement of community group


HANDS has so far trained 5,566 SMC members, 1406 volunteers of mental health, 184  VHC/HMC members, 47,900 borrowers, 129 Union Council Development Organization (UCDO) members, 361 Government officials and 643 members of other miscellaneous groups.