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Interactive Theatre

The concept of Interactive Theatre (IT) is relatively new in Pakistan. An interactive theater is a performance in front of an audience to make a civic education in the conclusion. The audience is then asked whether they agree with the conclusion. If not, those who disagree among the audience are asked to take on the role of the performers and present his/her own conclusion. Interactive theater is therefore a very effective methodology to engage the audience, in which people are not merely viewers, but are also active as performers (participants).

interactive Theater


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Disseminate developmental messages to bring the positive change.
  • Enable the audience (community) to identify themselves with the characters in the theatre and take on the positive role to address/solve different issues.
  • Introduce community with interesting and cost effective method of disseminating messages on important issues.


  • Participants attending the theaters are from all sections of community though the focus of the project may be men, women or children of any specific age.
  • The core messages are developed by the project team in the form of a script to be communicated through interactive theater.
  • The interactive theatre team is formed and trained for the performance. Two master trainers from each target district are identified for the training of trainers on interactive theatre methodology.
  • The venue and time for the theatre performance is decided in collaboration with CBO / community and information is disseminated.
  • The theatre is performed keeping in view the ethics and ethnics.
  • After the performance any required follow up activity is announced.