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HANDS Alternate Energy Schemes


Infrastructure Development Energy WASH and Shelter (IDEAS) Program is committed to provide good quality infrastructure to the target population. IDEAS program is a series of projects, based on the foundation of field tested best practices and proven capabilities. The innovative models by HANDS IDEAS are low cost, durable, socially acceptable and environment friendly.

Energy is required in almost all of our daily activities  unfortunately, it is either not available or is in great shortfall. To combat this situation, HANDS – IDEAS has come up with best practice model of small scale alternate energy generation schemes.


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Provide alternative solar energy for use in communities.
  • Develop and deploy village specific electricity generation system.
  • Introduce solar technology for low cost power supply.


  • The general methodology of this model is same as those of previous models.
  • The specific steps for the model can be referred in the program brochure of this model.

The components of this model include:

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Solar Lights

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So far 71,978 solar light have been provided to the communities including 11 solar panel systems at HANDS District Complexes