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Household Technologies

This model of household technologies is meant for improving the quality of life by using simple, cost effective and user friendly methods. The technologies included in this model are biosand filter for water purification and smokeless stoves.


House hold technology – Energy efficient stove


The objectives of this model are to:

  • Treat surface water and ground water for drinking purpose.
  • Provide safe and clean water for drinking.
  • Minimise the incidence and prevalence of water borne diseases.
  • Prevent environmental pollution and respiratory problems from smoke (especially for women folk).


  • The general methodology of this model is same as those of previous models.
  • The specific steps for each component of the model are concerned with technical aspects and can be referred to in the program brochures of each model.
  • The components of this model include:

Naadi / Biosand Filter


IDEAS program has so far successfully made and provided 217 Naadi (biosand filter) to the families in target communities.


Portable ceramic filer

Portable ceramic water filter


Overall 27,548 Portable Ceramic Water Filters have been provided to the families in target villages.

Energy Efficient Stove (EES)


Overall 7,908 Energy Efficient Stoves have been made in target communities.